East Nashville News: Wild Feathers, new spaces, lots more

Happenings around here don't slow down just 'cuz the weather's gone cold (today notwithstanding). Openings, celebrations, local music-makers making national waves -- lots to keep up with. The latest installment of our East Nashville News bites: The Wild Feathers take to the airwaves Know our music issue cover gentlemen, The Wild Feathers? They're racking up successes, just... Read More

Everybody's Talkin' About East Nashville

It's always interesting to get a peek into how you're viewed from afar, and it's felt of late as though many, many eyes have been on Nashville broadly, and East Nashville specifically. Not all of it is all that humble brag-worthy (we get a healthy share of hipster digs), but much of the press is pretty fun to see -- particularly when it's accurate. We've felt suitably... Read More

A Very East Nashville Thanksgiving

Creativity and a drive toward celebration run pretty strong on our side of town, so while we've had visions of traditional turkey dancing in our heads, we've been entertained by some of the Thanksgiving-angled and/or seasonally appropriate dishes popping up at Eastside eateries. While most places in East Nashville (and around town, really) shutter on Thanksgiving Day, we still have... Read More

East Nashvillian of the Year nominees

Members of the Historic East Nashville Merchants Association are wrapping up voting for the latest East Nashvillian of the Year awards Wednesday, Nov. 27. And we'll announce the winners in the January/February edition of The East Nashvillian. You might recognize one of last year's winners -- below, then-HENMA pres Johnny Shields presents the prize to our publisher, Lisa... Read More

East Nashville News: holiday shopping, holiday music, more

Since it's the time of year when most of us are focused on holiday plans, this latest crop of East Nashville News has something of a holiday bent. Perhaps, more than anything, because we hope to save you from Black Friday. Below, some local opportunities to wrap up your gift-hunting, and some live music that'll get you in the mood for roasting chestnuts/Jack Frost/whatnot. On to... Read More

Win tickets to Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that many of our neighbors/readers are fans/avid listeners of public radio. Public Radio, by and large, tends to draw in folks who are creative and intellectually and culturally curious and fond of keeping in touch with the goings-on of the world -- and that, we like to think, has a fair amount of overlap with the culture of East Nashville. So,... Read More

Celebrate fall and help neighbors at East Nashville Harvest Heyday

  You've likely noticed that stuff's been ramping up over at the Shoppes on Fatherland of late. Seasonal stuff. Celebratory stuff. Fun stuff. Stuff meant to engage, entertain and aid the East Nashville community. That's largely the work of Todd Reynolds and Travis Brown, co-founders of East Nashville Events, the crew behind the family-friendly and cutely spooky Halloween... Read More

Win Tickets To 'East Nashville Tonight' at The Belcourt

East Nashville ambassadors are many -- we tend, as a neighborhood, to speak well of our environs. But singer-songwriters Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook might the two loudest, best-heard ambassadors we have. And as mouthpieces go, we could do far worse -- majorly talented and majorly hilarious East Nashvillians, both, they embody things that we like to think are quintessentially East Nashvillian:... Read More

A Week of My Veggie Chef

Some months back, My Veggie Chef offered an invite to test-drive their vegan meal-delivery service. And while I'm not vegan, being a modern human adult with all the requisite life-scheduling madness, the idea of enjoying a week of home-made meals while only putting in the work required to heat up a Bertolli had some serious appeal. Not familiar with My Veggie Chef? Here's the gist: You... Read More

The Holidays in East Nashville

Year after year, The Ornaments provide one of our favorite excuses for amping up the holiday spirit in East Nashville. While we wait for news of this year's shows, we'll go ahead and get East-Nashville-holiday-stoked about Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' returned holiday flavors (whiskey eggnog, y'all) and new holiday gravels (since there are worst ways to get into the holiday... Read More

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