Tax time tips from Advanced Tax & Income Services

  Here’s a topic we know everyone’s overjoyed to talk about: tax season!    While not everybody’s favorite time of year, our annual tallying of gains and losses and deductions and credits is, however, inevitable, and for quite a few of us, inevitably frustrating. Since we have longstanding tax pros as East Nashville neighbors — the folks... Read More

East Nashville News: Family Wash moving, Hound Dog Commons coming, more

  A quick note for longtime blog friends: This’ll be the last week you’ll hear from me, specifically, for a while, as the small new East Nashvillian I’ve been cooking for the better part of a year should be making her arrival any day now.    Starting next week, The East Nashvillian blogging, newsletters, social media and the like will be in the... Read More

Brett Withers announces Metro Council candidacy

  If you weren’t familiar with Brett Withers prior to the January/February cover of The East Nashvillian — on which he’s pictured, bespectacled and bow-tied, as an East Nashvillians of the Year winner — you’ll have good reason to get to know him better in the coming months.   Today, Withers — a five-term president of Eastwood... Read More

East Nashville News: record-breaking comedy, lots of things to do

  For this week’s East Nashville News, we’re looking at lots of things to do, from funny to fancy to food-related, plus some neighbors in the media and more.   On to it:   Cracking jokes, breaking records     You might’ve stumbled on a piece in our November/December issue outlining how awesome East... Read More

4 ways to fight the flu with East Nashville Family Medicine

  Good chance you’ve caught wind this winter of the particularly bad flu season we’re having. And good chance, if there happen to be small children, seniors or people who otherwise struggle with health in your family, this worries you just a tad.   Count us among the concerned. Which is why we reached out to Mimi Gerber — longtime East Nashvillian... Read More

Walk Eat Nashville shows off East Nashville's food scene

  In recent years, lots of folks have done a lot of telling about East Nashville’s vibrant and growing food scene. But it wasn’t until the autumn of 2014 that we earned a thorough, fun and easy way to show what our food scene’s made of.    In October, longtime journalist/digital media pro and returning East Nashvillian Karen-Lee Ryan launched... Read More

East Nashville News: Pepperfire and the Sounds, Dino's relaunch, beer fest, Pied Piper on TV, more

  Every now and again, something happens in our neighborhood of ample and charming weirdness that captures the imagination of the city — nay, the country. Like when more than 300 cans of cream of celery soup made a surprise appearance on neighbor Jessi Braswell’s porch this week. We imagine you heard about it.    Anyhow, our friends in the news media... Read More

East Nashville in 2014: a look back

  Globally speaking, it’d be hard to say 2014 was the best year in recent memory. But focused a little tighter, on our corner of Nashville, there were some pretty interesting/exciting happenings (peppered with a fair share of bummers, of course).    Like last year, we decided to turn our attention back toward the year that was and recap some highlights and... Read More

East Nashville News: Basement East, new sushi, moves for Pepperfire and Sip, more

  Like many of you, we took a brief breather over the holidays to spend time with family/turkey/nog, so we’re catching up with some fun East Nashville news this week. It’s been a busy few weeks for new/moving businesses, and guesses are 2015 isn’t going to prove any less busy on our side of the river than 2014 was.   Without further ado, the latest... Read More

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