DANIEL ELLSWORTH AND THE GREAT LAKES PREVIEW THEIR NEW ALBUM ON LIGHTNING 100's NASHVILLE SUNDAY NIGHT Indie pop rockers Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes have been gathering fans and accolades for almost eight years. Formed in Nashville in 2010, the band placed their own glistening brand on pop-rock beginning with their debut album Civilized Man, which made’s 100... Read More

East Side Buzz: Rustique Closing, new urgent care clinic opening, lots more

  Our big thing to start: The January/February 2018 issue of The East Nashvillian is out now, and it’s chock-full of fun stuff, from a cover story on musician JD McPherson to a celebration of East Nashvillians of the Year Stacie Huckeba and Todd Sherwood/Travis Collinsworth of The 5 Spot, plus lots, lots more.   Grab your print issue on stands all around... Read More

New Year's Eve options in East Nashville for 2017

  We’re days away from the end of a year that’s been… a year. And it feels like, maybe more than most years, we should punctuate it with some positive celebration, and not ruin that positivity by fighting traffic to cross the river.   Among the benefits of a neighborhood in quick bloom: We now have a veritable plethora of worthwhile options on any... Read More

East Side Buzz: Lyra restaurant, Eric Brace’s new record, Fannie Battle’s reno reveal and more

  Weird week in Nashville when all anyone can talk about is soccer. But the Major League Soccer-coming-to-Nashville news is big and cool, and since the proposed stadium is over by the fairgrounds, for once, feetballs shouldn’t mean extra traffic for us. Goal.   Pictured above: Exclusive T-shirt commemorating our soccer success, from our neighbors at Project... Read More

East Side Buzz: Kawai Poke Co., Nashville Beard and Barber and more

  First thing: We’ve decided to change the name of our weekly news column, in hopes of avoiding confusion with a local blog. So, henceforth, please enjoy reading the online version of East Side Buzz. Same old column, fresh new name. (Kind of; it's been in the magazine for forever. But still.)   Another important note: There's still time to get your... Read More

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