The Sexual Evolution: Nashville Opera’s Three Way explores sex without moralizing

  With their 2017 season opener Three Way, the Nashville Opera hopes to change the public’s perception as to what exactly opera is. Or isn’t. To some, the word “opera” calls to mind culture and distinction, one of the last highbrow entertainments left in a world increasingly in thrall to appetites both crass and craven. To others — fairly or not —... Read More

Rufus Wainwright Brings the Family to Nashville for the Holidays

For a gent whose arrangements famously tend towards the dramatic — he’s a classically-trained painist whose output includes song cycles, lieder, and two operas (Prima Donna and Hadrian) —Rufus Wainwright’s voice never seems to strain, or ululate unnecessarily. His is a powerful, leonine instrument that rarely strays far from the melody, adding built-in balance and... Read More

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