WSM takes a trip down Route 650

  Americana has come to the flagship station of country music, 650 AM WSM. The new station is Route 650, and it’s streaming on the WSM website. The new outlet demonstrates the growing strength of Americana music, and the fact that those who like it really, really like it. And since a lot of Americana music draws directly from traditional country, it’s fitting for WSM to take... Read More

A Groover’s Paradise — Robyn on the East Side

It has been said that most artists seek to deduce how things fit together, while some gravitate to understanding how they fall apart. Put Robyn Hitchcock squarely in the latter box, such as you can box him up at all. For nearly 40 years and 500 songs, Hitchcock has tickled brains with an oeuvre musically steeped in “Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” “Visions of Johanna,” and... Read More


Today marks the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a new venture in Nashville radio: WXNA 101.5 FM. Provided the $50,000 goal is met, the new low-power FM station will infuse our fair city with some genuine community radio — where free-form, great music will coincide with the local issues of the day, where Nashvillians will broadcast to other Nashvillians, and you might even get... Read More

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