East Nashville Little League All-Stars Head to State Tournament

  When the East Nashville Little League All-Stars battled their way to a 10-0 win over Murfreesboro this past weekend, it wasn’t just an isolated victory. As winners of the district championship, the East Nashville ballclub won the right to advance to the state tournament, and it was a confirmation of the astounding comeback that East Nashville Little League has achieved in... Read More

Gee, It’s Good To Be Back Home: The Wild Feathers At The Ryman

One of Nashville’s top candidates for “Next Big Thing,” The Wild Feathers made a return to their hometown on Saturday night with a triumphant show at Music City’s most venerable venue, the Ryman Auditorium. It was a show that brought adoration from the audience and provided ample proof that the Feathers are evolving into a band truly worthy of the hype that has... Read More

East Nashville singer-songwriter Daphne Willis Performs at Nashville PRIDE

  Within the last two weeks, Willis has been to the West Coast to perform at L.A. Pride, down to Alabama, and back up to Nashville all while releasing a new single, "The Struggle is Real." But with a first-time performance at Nashville Pride Festival on the horizon this weekend, the classically trained vocalist has plenty of energy running through her... Read More

Tommy Womack’s spirit soars on new album

In the liner notes for Namaste, singer-songwriter-guitarist Tommy Womack writes that the album’s title translates as, “The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you.” It’s not altogether surprising that spirit was on Womack’s mind when it came to naming this, his sixth studio album as a solo artist. Just a few months prior to making the record, he had survived a... Read More

East Nashville News: High Garden's new digs, Tomato Art Fest V.I.T.s, Drizly bringing us booze, more

  This week, we have an expanded High Garden to look forward to, a V.I.T. option at the Tomato Art Fest, and the looming option of having booze delivered to our doorsteps, plus lots, lots more.   Speaking of the Tomato Art Fest: Our annual Tomato Art Fest issue is nearly here, and it'll be our biggest of the year on many fronts, including increased distribution.... Read More

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