Win Tickets To 'East Nashville Tonight' at The Belcourt

East Nashville ambassadors are many -- we tend, as a neighborhood, to speak well of our environs. But singer-songwriters Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook might the two loudest, best-heard ambassadors we have. And as mouthpieces go, we could do far worse -- majorly talented and majorly hilarious East Nashvillians, both, they embody things that we like to think are quintessentially East Nashvillian: uncommon creativity, unique charm, lovable weirdness.

East Nashville Tonight

So a documentary film focused on Cook and Snider could only be fantastically interesting. Unfortunately, Brad and Todd Barnes failed at producing such a documentary. Fortunately, they succeeded at creating "stoner musical" East Nashville Tonight, a weird peek at some of our neighborhood's finest and most interesting musicians filmed through a figurative (and literal) haze of smoke and toting what we'll guess is a pretty decent bar tab.

We chronicled the process that led toward East Nashville Tonight in our May-June issue, and in that story, Snider, Cook and the Barneses offer a fittingly hazy look into how the film came to be and ultimately what it turned into. Which, in Snider's encapsulation, is a lot of, "Everyone sitting around here getting fucked up, trying to figure out how to make a talk show."

A "work in progress" East Nashville Tonight bowed at the Nashville Film Festival this year. On Monday, Nov. 18, the Belcourt Theatre will host a screening of the finished film and an appearance from Elmo Buzz & the Eastside Bulldogs, the fittingly rollicking rock collective both Snider and Cook lend their voices to.

To follow up our cover-story introduction of East Nashville Tonight, The East Nashvillian would like to send you and a pal to the screening, courtesy of the fine folks behind the film.

Wanna go? Head over to The East Nashvillian Facebook page and click the Like button on our giveaway post (feel free to share it if you like, too), and you're in the running. A winner of a pair of tickets will be chosen at random Friday afternoon.

You can also buy tickets through the Belcourt for $15 advance, $20 day of show.

Want a deeper insight into what you're getting into? Start by watching the trailer, below, follow up by reading our cover story. Just keep a Snider thought in mind, while you're perusing: "We're not for everybody, and we're not sorry."

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