Welcome to the new East Nashvillian blog

With our completely revamped and improved website, we've added a new neighborhood mouthpiece, in the form of this East Nashvillian blog. Welcome to it.

Our intent here is pretty broad: We're excited to share neighborhood news in a way that a bi-monthly print magazine doesn't allow, to have more space to shine a spotlight on the businesses, people and charities that make East Nashville great. We're also excited to welcome some new voices, from guest bloggers to new regular contributors.

I'm one of those regular contributors, and some of you might know the other neighborhood mouthpiece I scribbled on: East Nashville, With Love. Similar intents made a combining of forces make good sense, and the neighborly collaboration is a lot more fun. So East Nashville, With Love is going to stay in slumber, as this blog wakes up.  

Our new website and this blog give us a bigger, less time-constrained space to play in, and we needed that -- one of the great things about East Nashville is that there's way more worth focusing on than any bi-monthly print magazine could hold. Our magazine and our website can work in tandem now, with long and thoughtful pieces in print and quick-hit updates here.

We aim to paint a busier, more accurate picture of our neighborhood, from the delicious to the inspirational to the weird and the wild. (And there's plenty of all of that.) But our original intent of accentuating the positives in East Nashville will remain -- we might talk about changes and policies and laws that might affect your lives and how and why, but more, we want to hold up all the good our neighbors are doing, and celebrate that. Because it's a true image of what East Nashville is.

Our hope is to build this blog into a regular source of neighborhood information and entertainment, as well as an easier way for all of you to keep us apprised of the worthy stuff you're doing. If you're doing something, or hear about something, that you think should get a nod here, reach out: nicole@theeastnashvillian.com. We'd love to hear from you.

For starters, thanks for reading. Hope we'll see each other a lot more.

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