Veterans of Bonnaroo

Weighing in with their best ’Roo advice.

Listen in. These kernel’s of wisdom could make it your best ’Roo yet.

Name: Ken Weinstein
Job Title: Director of Publicity, Big Hassle
Hometown: North Salem, New York
Number of ’Roo’s (including 2015): 14
“Stay open-minded. Stay hydrated.”
Name: Vin Treglia
Job Title: Project Coordinator, Superfly
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Number of ’Roo’s: 5
“Don’t get caught up in trying to do everything. Immerse yourself in whatever you are doing.”
Name: Laura Hansen
Company: PE Audio, Broadcasting Tent/Radio Bonnaroo
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Number of ’Roo’s: 10
“Always bring rain boots. And listen to Radio Bonnaroo.”
Name: Justin Hammel
Job Title: Program Director, Radio Bonnaroo
Hometown: Greenwood, Indiana
Number of ’Roo’s: 14
“Don’t ever underestimate the small stages. You’re either gonna try to push your way to the front of a main stage to see a band you’ve already seen seven times, or you go see a band [on a smaller stage] that you’re going to want to see seven times after that.”
Name: Lil Shaw
Job Title: Studio Owner, The Toy Box Studio “The Sound of East Nashville”
Hometown: East Nashville, TN
Number of ’Roo’s: 11
“No matter how stressed it might get [at Bonnaroo], just remember it’s all good. [Here at Bonnaroo] you’re apart of the best music in world.”
Name: David Gehrke
Job Title: Site Coordinator, Hay Bale Studio
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Number of ’Roo’s: 11
“Don’t bring sand to the beach.”
Name: Andy Putum
Job Title: Site Coordinator, Hay Bale Studio
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Number of ’Roo’s: 6
“Have common sense.”
Name: Rev. Keith Coes
Job Title: Music Director, Radio Bonnaroo
Hometown: East Nashville
Number of ’Roo’s: 14
“Don’t drink liquor until it gets dark.”
Name: Crissa Requate
Job Title: President, Mason Jar Media
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Number of ’Roo’s: 7
“Explore. See something new. You might just find you discover your new favorite band.”






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