Vandyke Bed & Beverage coming to Five Points in East Nashville

After the better part of a decade laying fallow, 105 S. 11th St. in East Nashville's Five Points is finally due to come back to life: Vandyke Bed & Beverage, a combination boutique hotel and bar/restaurant, is coming together on the ground where the Edgefield Restaurant once stood.
The “Bed & Beverage” concept will take over the brand new building’s three stories (the humble Edgefield building was demolished in 2016, see Google Street View emptiness), with a slated eight rooms filling upper floors, and the dining and drinking hub taking up the ground level, plus an open-air courtyard adding extra outdoor space.
Longtime Nashvillian Doug R. Martin, part of the team behind the project, says the project is envisioned as a “hybrid of a boutique hotel and an Airbnb experience,” with each room offering a unique design that’s meant to tie back into themes woven into the bar program.
That program isn’t designed just for hotel guests — the bar and courtyard, Martin says, will be open to the public, with a personality that they hope will key into their surroundings. 
“We felt it essential to appeal to the senses and vibe with East Nashville,” Martin says, “with a focus on cocktails and beer with a limited but elevated bar food menu.”
If you’ve been to new Germantown eatery Geist, you’ll have a little extra insight into how the Vandyke cocktail and food program will likely play out. Martin, who’s also behind that highly praised addition to the Nashville food and drinks scene, says we’ll find “the same attempt to present a unique experience and zest for quality,” and a certain amount of staff crossover, too. 
“There will be loose ties to Geist,” he says, “with our burger definitely being on the food menu, and a lot of the same quality drinks and cocktails appearing.”
Geist burger
The inspiration for the lodging part of the business, meanwhile, comes from slightly farther-flung locales: the team’s extensive national and international travels.
“One of the closest examples to Nashville that we admire is that of Longman & Eagle in Chicago,” Martin says, “as they just seem to ‘get it’ from a food and beverage standpoint, and also a limited-service hotel experience in a uniquely local part of town, off the main drag of the city.”
Hopes are to see Vandyke’s rooms open by late summer, with the bar either opening to the public simultaneously, or shortly thereafter, with weekday evening hours, and all-day weekend hours.
Far as sending your in-laws to crash at Vandyke instead of in your guest room: Rates haven’t been announced yet, but Martin says, “We are inline or below market rates based on square footage of rooms, and the experience one will get hanging in Five Points.”
Meantime, if you’d like to get a little better sense of what’s in the works, Geist Bar + Restaurant is open now at 311 Jefferson St. just over the river, 5:30 p.m. to midnight Wednesday through Friday, 2 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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