Transcending Labels With ‘This Shoe Doesn’t Fit’

Those with fashionable predilections know that the names stitched onto our clothes give the world clues about where we shop, how much we spend, and what we value.

On Sunday, April 9, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., Art & Invention Gallery will host an art project inspired by the idea that designer labels impart a weight worth exploring.

“This Shoe Doesn’t Fit,” an exhibition of photography by East Nashville’s Stacie Huckeba, was inspired by a gift the artist received: a pair of too-tiny, Ivanka Trump-brand, high-heeled shoes. For Huckeba, the bountiful rhinestones and layers of gold, as well as the emblazoned name of the president’s daughter, made the shoes a better fit for creative commentary than they were as a fashion accessory.

“The imprinted ‘Ivanka Trump’ stood out to me, as did the ‘Made in China’ stickers on the bottom,” Huckeba said. “My next thought was, ‘This sums up perfectly for me what’s wrong with this whole administration. These are only designed to fit this very narrow margin of America.’ That is when I decided to take them out to my friends and neighbors to see if the shoe fit, so to speak.”

She traveled an 11-mile radius around her home, reaching the Islamic Center of Nashville and a tattoo parlor, visiting an Iranian refugee and someone who identifies as transgender, using the pair of heels as the focal point for portraits that captured the area’s full range of diversity. In eight days she shot 44 portraits to be featured in the show.

The show will also feature refreshments and live music from Steve Poltz, Amy Speace, Megan Palmer, Wild Ponies, and more. Donations upon entry will be given to ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The portraits will be on sale for $350 each.


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