The Ornaments at The Family Wash, in pictures

  • The Family Wash
    As local combo The Ornaments finished their week-long run of 16 shows this past weekend, keys whiz Jen Gunderman shared a lesson she'd learned this go around. 
    Earlier that day at a senior home, she and bassist James Haggerty and drummer Martin Lynds played for folks who were introduced to the record they play annual tribute to -- Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack -- back when it initially hit ears, in 1965. The happy crowd there showed the power those songs held, all these decades later. And locked down at the Family Wash night after night the week prior, The Ornaments watched young parents dance with happy toddlers, all of whom clearly loved these songs just as much. 
    Part of the fun of performing these Guaraldi songs year after year with The Ornaments, Gunderman figured, is how universal and enduring they are. For some, these songs are wonderful nostalgia; for others, a bright new holiday tradition. For East Nashville, The Ornaments' pre-Christmas live runs have become a holiday-season staple that we hope hangs around for many, many more years.
    Above, a few photos from the last Ornaments show of 2013 at the Family Wash -- a visual accompaniment to an emphatic Merry Christmas wish, from The East Nashvillian family to yours.

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