The Law Firm Brings Their Own Definition To The Lipstick Lounge

A band can mean different things to different people. It may be a group of musicians who have been through thick and thin together every step of the way, but it also refers to any group that celebrates on stage together, no matter how casually, or any collective that comes together for a cause, no matter how large.

The Law Firm is a band that stretches definition, as their 7 p.m. performance at The Lipstick Lounge on Friday, Jan. 27, will show.

The Law Firm is a spin-off of the local music collective Girls With Guitars, an ever-changing female group of singers and songwriters who frequently took the stage together. Members Cheley Tackett, Annie Mosher, Tammy Fowler, and Cathey Stamps found themselves grouped together often and eventually, the word “band” seemed to make sense.

“We had this affectionate habit of calling each other by our last names and when you saw them together for an upcoming gig, they read ‘Fowler, Mosher, Tackett, and Stamps,’” says Fowler. “We always thought that sounded like the name of a law firm, so we just started calling ourselves ‘The Law Firm’ for short.”

As musicians with a lengthy rapport and independent spirits, The Law Firm is less a band in the traditional sense and more a collective of friendly musicians who take the stage now and then to celebrate one another’s music.

“From our earliest performances, we had great chemistry with each other,” Fowler says. “We know each other’s songs pretty well and we’ve been friends for a long time. So we also know each other’s musical preferences, styles, and artistic points of view. We use that to intuitively collaborate on the fly during shows.”

Those improvisational skills are going to be critical, as Mosher had to bow out of the upcoming performance for personal reasons. The remaining members still plan on delivering a full-range performance.

“Sometimes we want you to dance or laugh, sometimes we want you to think, and sometime’s we’re hell-bent on making you cry,” says Tackett. “You go through an entire range of emotion in a short amount of time. We all feel we’ve done our job if we’ve moved you in some way.”

As a proud and outspoken LGBT musician, Tackett has a longstanding relationship with The Lipstick Lounge and has found the venue to be a particularly appropriate one for this show.

“I think given the recent election, our concert serves as just another way to come together in supporting women, the LGBT community, as well as the arts,” she says. “We’re not shy about using our music toward activism.”

But for the musicians, the gig will serve as a more personal touchstone. One that gets at the true meaning of the word “band.”

“To me, this concert is important because of where we are in our artistic lives,” says Fowler. “Each time I perform with these ladies, I get to see who they are becoming as they grow artistically and personally. As we have evolved individually, we don’t perform the songs in the same way. They change and grow as we do.”

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