Nashville blues-rockers, the Delta Saints’ new album, Monte Vista, is the next stop for a band traveling the road from great to even better according to Delta Saints front man Ben Ringel.

“Both this record and our previous one are us trying to reinvent what we're doing,” Ringel says. “For a long time we‘ve been known as kind of, ‘your dad's favorite blues bar band.’ Which isn't all bad, but we decided we wanted to take what we were doing and move toward a more modern sound. Part of that process was figuring out why our favorite songs sound the way they do — both songwriting-wise and production-wise. We had to learn to push ourselves to write better songs than we had in the past. Of course you can make that conscious decision to push in a new direction and still fail miserably, and I hope we didn't do that.”

Recorded at one of Nashville’s classic studios, Sound Emporium, Monte Vista delivers a big rock sound on such anthemic burners as “California,” blues-rock bombast on “Sun God” and rock-pop swagger on “In Your Head.” Ringel says recording in a historic studio that has paid host to such artists as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Robert Plant, and R.E.M. definitely had an effect on the resulting record.

“What a dream that Sound Emporium was,” Ringel says. “The pressure of a room that has bred so much amazing music was overwhelming. So many artists that made me want to be a musician created masterpieces there. It certainly influenced us to bring our A game. You have no excuse to create a crap record in a place like that.

“We did the record in six days, so we were working 18 and 20 hours a day. You'd start to get tired and feel like you wanted to slack off, but then you'd look around and think about the greatness in that room and you had to push.”

With Monte Vista hitting record store racks this Friday, April 28, the Delta Saints are ready to hit the road and bring their new songs to audiences across the country. They’ll be kicking things off by headlining at the Lightning 100 Spring Block Party at Marathon Music Works, Saturday, April 29 at 3 p.m. Ringel says the band is looking forward to seeing how their new songs season on the road.

“Last tour we played some of the songs on the road,” Ringel says. “About a quarter of the album we've figured out, but there is still mystery in the rest as to how people will react to the rest of the songs. It's always an incredible experience when people hear our songs for the first time. You figure out which ones people get immediately and are singing along with on the chorus and which songs take longer to sink in.”

Although, the Delta Saints have a devoted following in Europe and the UK, building their audience at home has been a much slower process.

“It seems crazy to fly 6,000 miles away from your home and be able to play your music for 500 or 600 on every stop and then come home to being a super small band, fighting for every inch,” Ringel says. “We'll be trying to bring this record to as many clubs and venues as possible. Our main goal is to tour hard and bring this record to life.” 

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