While songs and singers have always held first place in the studios and on the charts, gather up a bunch of great Nashville sidemen and you’re sure to harvest boss instrumentals. It’s been a Twang Town tradition from all the way back in the late 1940s when Nashville began its relatively swift transformation into “Music City USA,” on through to the 1960s avalanche of steel guitar LPs and even into more modern times with the landlocked surf sounds of Los Straitjackets.

The latest stars in this long parade of string ticklin’ and jammin’ grooves is the duo Steelism. Spencer Cullum and Jeremy Fetzer built their musical careers as accomplished sidemen and session players before stepping into the spotlight with their ginchy mash-up of country twang, Italian-movie soundtrack bang, and deep-fried southern soul thang. Last year’s 615 to Fame demonstrated the pair had both the chops and smarts to produce classic wordless grooves that invoke unique stories – socko soundtracks for mind movies if you’re so inclined.

Now they have returned with a new EP, The Drawing Room, Volume 1 – first in a series of limited edition releases that will blaze the trail to their next full-length album. To celebrate the release, they’ll be throwing down the sonic moods this Saturday, July 11, in the backyard concert space and petting zoo at Fond Object, 1313 McGavock Pike in Riverside Village. Cover charge is a measly five bucks. Doors open at 5 p.m. with a set from DJ Radski and the main show begins at 6.

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