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Meg Anderson
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy, pretty much unavoidably known ways to flex your credit card around the holidays, but an annual holiday shopping event that hits a little closer to home in a community like ours: Small Business Saturday, observed each year the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
East Nashville is flush with well-loved independent/mom-and-pop shops and other businesses, so we have several well-organized SBS ways to tick names off our shopping lists while supporting said businesses this year. One very much worth working into your Saturday plans: Fa-La-La-La-Fatherland, a teaming of Fatherland Street businesses sharing deals, various treats and chances to win prize baskets stocked with local goodness. 
Shoppers will be able to stroll through the cluster of Fatherland businesses and ogle a widely varied crop of options — from pup supplies at Baxter Bailey & Company to comely spectacles at Specs and home goods at Abode — while enjoying refreshments and treats and collecting Fatherland BINGO stamps from shops. Snag five stamps, and you’re in the drawing for prize baskets.
Ahead of Saturday’s event, we checked in with event wrangler Meg Anderson — the leading lady at sewing/craft supplies shop Nutmeg — to get a little more insight and some inside tips.
The East Nashvillian: What brought about the idea for Fatherland shops like Nutmeg to band together this year for Small Business Saturday?
Meg Anderson: “The idea to come together was mainly from a logical standpoint. We are all independent, small retailers, and it made more sense to help each other out and promote as a group. We've been able to reach out to a lot larger customer base as a group than we would have on our own. Also, it seemed like a lot of fun to have one big stroll for our area that customers and retailers could all participate in.”
Was it tough to wrangle a bunch of independent businesses to participate in a group event like this, or was everyone game pretty quickly?
“It was actually really easy to bring everyone together. Once the idea was thrown out there, everyone joined in. I think the idea of helping each other out to make Small Business Saturday great took a lot of pressure off us as individuals.”
As a small business owner, what does support of Small Business Saturday mean to you? 
“This is my first year as a small business owner on Small Business Saturday, so I'm really excited to participate. It's not only about the community coming out to support independent retailers. For me, it's also been about finally sharing some products and ideas that I've been working really hard on and feel will contribute to nurturing creativity in my neighborhood. 
“East Nashville has been so welcoming to me in the three months since I've been here. I am excited to ‘say thanks’ with the new and exciting things that I have for makers, creators, knitters and sewers at my store.” 
From the outside, it seems like the growing Fatherland cluster of businesses has a pronounced community vibe — feels like we always see, say, Tiffany’s shouting out High Garden and the like. On the inside, does it feel that way to you?
“It feels very much the same from the inside. I think that we have a unique community of shop owners, in that we are all very encouraging and hopeful for each other. There is a lot of diversity within our shops, which allows for ease between neighbors. I am really new, only three months old, still. But I've felt so welcomed and supported by the other shop owners that it quickly began to feel like community, not just work.”
So, the Fatherland Bingo prize: Can you give us some hints about what kinda stuff we might find in the prize baskets? 
“The prize baskets are going to be great! There are some awesome treats in there from Chocolate F/X, yummy High Garden Teas, and tons more. So far three baskets have been filled up with awesomeness.”


Fa-La-La-La-Fatherland runs 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 29 as part of Small Business Saturday at various Fatherland St. shops (around 11th and Fatherland). Participating businesses include Nutmeg, Baxter Bailey & Co., Red Dog Beads, Abode, Eastside Music Supply, Jones Fly Company, The Trunk, Moxie, Nest 615, Rusty Rats, Specs, Hempopotamus, Chocolate F/X, High Garden, Lynne Lorraine’s, Jessica McIntosh Photography, Tiffany’s Boutique and others.
Shoppers are encouraged to participate in Fatherland BINGO by grabbing stamps from at least five participating stores to be entered into a prize drawing. Winners will be chosen and announced at 6 p.m. at High Garden.
For more information on Fa-La-La-La-Fatherland, visit its Facebook event page.

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