Sip Cafe and Mike's Ice Cream moving to new location

Sip Cafe
Some news for folks who love grabbing a latte and some Mike’s Ice Cream in Riverside Village’s cozy Sip Cafe: It’s about to get a little less cozy.
The Cafe and the Mike’s ice cream-making operation are moving around the way, to a larger space at the corner of Gallatin Road and Ardee, owner Mike Duguay tells us.
“We're sad to leave Riverside Village, but we're glad it's nearby, and we're very excited to have more space for both ice cream making and Sip Cafe,” he says of the impending move.
About that more space: At 3,500 square feet, the new home will offer a healthy upgrade in breathing room, and Duguay says that while a “large chunk” of that square footage will be devoted to ice cream making, we can expect a larger footprint for Sip sippers, too.
“There will be more customer seating, more ice cream flavors, and over time, a bigger variety of products,” he says.
Another new addition that’ll likely excite you perpetually late Inglewood commuters: The new place will also include a drive-thru, so you can snag your caffeine and a couple scoops on the go. And you Inglewood dwellers might be doubly happy to know that the fact that Sip Cafe and Mike’s Ice Cream are staying rooted in the neighborhood was 100 percent purposeful.
“I was particularly set on staying in Inglewood, and fortunately the right place was out there,” Duguay says. “The residents of Inglewood have been very good to us in the current location. I like the feel of the neighborhood. And I just think Inglewood is a booming place. There were many reasons to want to stay.”
Duguay is aiming to finish up the move to the new spot in early September. Keep up with the latest happenings on Sip Cafe’s Facebook page

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