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Come summer, we’re kinda justified for taking many an opportunity to complain in Middle Tennessee. It’s too hot. It’s too soupy. Our utility bills could buy us a fairly well-maintained used car.
We can’t help with the first two, but for the third, we had a thought toward helping nudge 'em a little. The lowering-utility-bills-via-upping-energy-efficiency thing is what the folks at Nashville Home Energy do, summer to winter, and they were kind enough to lend some expert guidance to East Nashvillian readers.
Whether you’re looking for full-on solutions, DIY fixes or free but helpful activities, Nashville Home Energy has you covered here. Read on, and reach out to them if you’d like to dig even deeper. 
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Beat the Heat, Save Some Cash

Energy Efficiency Tips From Nashville Home Energy

Swimming pools, farmer’s markets, lightning bugs, iced tea… there's a lot to love about summer. It is a great time to enjoy friends and family in the great outdoors. As we at Nashville Home Energy know all too well, summer in Nashville also brings with it an intense heat and humidity. While some of us are resigned to being uncomfortable all summer long, others begin the three-month wrestling match with the thermostat. 
Instead of yelling at your energy bills this summer and giving your thermostat the stare down every time your walk past it, Nashville Home Energy encourages you to do something about it. You can be comfortable this summer without breaking the bank!

The No Cost Plan

There are some simple changes you can make that can easily impact the cost of cooling your home this summer.
1. Close the drapes! 
Use heavy drapes or curtains to block the heat from entering your home during the day. 
2. Grill out! 
Cooking outside in the evening when it has slightly cooled down saves your kitchen from being heated with the stove or oven being on. 
3. Use ceiling fans or even a box fan. 
Keep the thermostat as high as you can comfortably withstand and use fans to circulate air. The lower the temperature on your thermostat during the cooling season, the higher your bills. 

The Low-Cost DIY Plan

If you still have that tube of caulk in the garage, you can put it to good use and save some money on your utility bills!
1. Seal around doors and windows. 
Find any cracks around your doors and windows and seal them with caulk and weather strip. This stops air from leaking in and out of your home.
2. Seal your attic access. 
Use weather strip to seal your attic access where a lot of your AC is escaping into your attic.
3. Change your HVAC filter monthly. 
Keeping your filter clean helps your HVAC system run smoother and ultimately saves you money by keeping its workload down.

The Big Stuff Plan

Whether you are tired of paying an arm and a leg for simple comfort in the home, or want to have your dream energy-efficient home, Nashville Home Energy has you covered. From full home and duct sealing to insulation and vapor barriers, we can take your home from diagnosis to solution.
1. Diagnosis. 
Call us to schedule a Home Performance Evaluation. We evaluate the efficiency of your home by using diagnostic testing tools to pinpoint even the smallest air leak. 
2. A Plan. 
After diagnosing your home’s inefficiencies, we will create a cost-effective plan with you, detailing all items to be addressed in your home, prioritized by what is most urgent.
3. Solution. 
We will execute each measure defined in your individual plan with the highest quality. From the attic to the crawl space and everything in-between, we will ensure your home is energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable when we leave. 
For more on Nashville Home Energy Solutions, visit the NHE website, or reach out to owner Jeff Middlebrooks via e-mail or phone.

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