The East Side’s own homegrown jump blues combo, Eight O’Five Jive, is jumpin’ to the beat and kickin’ up a ruckus with good reason. In August they won the 2016 Nashville Industry Music Award for “Best Blues Band.” Last weekend, they competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where they progressed to the semi-finals. This Friday, they’re bringing their jump, jive and wail to the Family Wash|Garage Coffee to celebrate the release of their new album, Swing Set.

The album features eleven selections of jump blues, swing and jumpin’ jive from the hot quintet, whose members are: Lee Shropshire — vocals; Andy Scheinman — guitar; Bill Bois — bass; Duane Spencer —drums; and Patrick Mosser — sax. As outlined in our story from last year, Eight O’Five Jive has been throwin’ out sparks as the Music City’s masters of the classic sound of jump blues since their formation in 2011. Jump blues originated in the mid-1940s as small, supercharged combos fused big band swing rhythms with the blues, producing hot dance music with a powerful backbeat. More than any other style, jump blues was a direct progenitor of rock & roll, through such masters of the form as Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown and Wynonie Harris.

Swing Set is a more than satisfying follow up to Eight O’Five Jive’s debut album, Too Many Men, which was nominated for Blues Blast Magazine’s award for “New Artist Debut Album” in 2015. Swing Set demonstrates how they earned that honor and builds a powerful case for the continuing appeal of jump blues. Across its eleven tracks, wit, sass and a danceable beat underpin lyrics that address classic human concerns: the perils of love in “Get Away” and “Ragged”; boozing it up with “Make Mine a Double” and “A Little Bit of Bourbon”; and rather “complicated” relationships in “Watch Out for Their Wives” and “I Won’t Wear Flats (To Your Funeral)”.

Eight O’Five Jive will be taking the Family Wash/Garage Coffee stage at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 10.

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