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The Local Taco has finally joined us in East Nashville on Fatherland Street! The Southern string of restaurants takes Tex-Mex classics and introduces them to the homestyle nature of country cuisine. It's not your ordinary 'fusion' restaurant however. The menu is carefully put together with a knowledge and appreciation of spice. The fish tacos are complimented with jalapeño tarter sauce, the smoked brisket is garnished with mole rojo, pickled onions, and fresh cilantro, and a simple side of black beans has a robust and purposeful flavor. The tortillas are all locally made and the menu offers gluten free and vegetarian options. 
Get to know Brian von Allmen of The Local Taco and stop by for lunch or dinner! 


Welcome to our side of town! What brought y’all to East Nashville? 

Thanks! We're happy to be here!  We've had our eye on East Nashville for quite a while. It's a great part of town with a lot of interesting things happening in the restaurant scene, and the scene in general. When the opportunity to open on Fatherland came up, we jumped on it.

Tex-Mex and Southern traditions aren’t strangers. Both incorporate a very important element to their food, spices. What Southern undertones are incorporated in your dishes? What’re some favorites?  

We like to think of our menu kind of like "Tapas on a Tortilla", with each item presenting it's own unique combination of flavors, as opposed to the "same toppings, different meat" type of taco concept. A couple of the more Southern tacos on our menu would be the Local BBQ (pulled pork with jalapeno cole slaw) and Smoked Brisket with mole sauce, both of which feature smoked meat from House of Hickory on Dickerson Pike. Southern Fried Chicken with Honey Lime Crema is another favorite. We're thinking of doing a Nashville Hot Chicken taco as a special, but we have to make sure we get that just right first!

Do the menus differ with locations? If so, how is (East) Nashville represented through the menu items? 

The menus are a bit different from location to location. East Nashville features the Spicy Avocado Taco (Fried or raw avocado) and a Kale Salad with Candied Pecans and Cider Vinaigrette. Also, like our Brentwood location, we have full service (as opposed to fast casual) nights and weekends with a bit of an expanded menu featuring Fajitas and Smoked Taco Platters in addition to our usual Tacos and Enchiladas.

What kind of craft beers can we find behind the bar? Any local brews? Do you have a happy hour?

We have 8 taps that we keep on a rotation, with a focus on locals. Right now our drafts feature Turtle Anarchy, Jackalope, TN Brew Works, Little Harpeth, Black Abby & Blackstone. That's of course in addition to a variety of bottles and cans. We have happy hour Monday through Friday 3 to 6 and 9 to close featuring Sauza Margaritas made with hand pressed lime juice for $4.50 and $1 off all beers. Also, every Monday is Margarita Monday with $4 Sauza Margaritas, and Sundays from 11 to 3 we do a killer variety of breakfast tacos for Brunch along with $3 Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

There’s 250 square feet of outdoor seating! What can we expect for spring and/or summer specials? 

We have been anxious all winter long to get those garage doors up and get that patio going! Spring can't get here soon enough. In addition to our regular specials, we'll be running daily food and drink specials. We're also going to be staying open later and serving a late night menu. Another thing we're excited about is our new catering menu, available on our website (thelocaltaco.com) which features Taco & Fajita bars, wrap platter, and chips and dips for parties and gatherings.


The Local Taco is located at 1100 Fatherland St., Suite 104, in East Nashville.

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