Inside the Bonnaroo Works Community Center: Come on in!

The Bonnaroo Works Community Center is now open down on The Farm, located on Fifth Avenue across from the Post Office!

Well Dunn Foundation Board Member Deborah Dunn talks with a Bonnaroo festivalgoer about the Foundation.

The Well Dunn Foundation is a foundation dedicated to securing internships for under-privileged students interested in the entertainment industry. The foundation is also a four-time Bonnaroo Works Fund grant recipient. Dunn founded the organization following the death of her daughter, Emily Dunn. Emily was heavily involved in the entertainment industry and had her beginnings at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. “We feel [Emily here at Bonnaroo],” says Dunn. “She was most happy in this environment.”


An exquisite 2015 Bonnaroo guitar up for bid at the Bonnaroo Works Fund Silent Auction.

Every single cent of raised from the Silent Auction is allocated to the Bonnaroo Works Fund. The guitar decorated by Bonnaroo Works Fund Executive Director Nina Miller.


Jenni Wakefield completes her 2015 Bonnaroo Census at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center.

“My sister volunteers for the festival.”


“We’ve already had 7,000 responses on the mobile app alone,” says On-Site Bonnaroo Census Manger Aaron Swartz of the Bonnaroo Census response. “The permanent [census] location [at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center] helps.”

Another reason to drop into the center? “We have buttons here in person!” 2015 Bonnaroo attendees can fill-out their census at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center or by visiting the Bonnaroo mobile app.


Music photographs being auctioned off at the Bonnaroo Works Fund Silent Auction.

Photography donations include work from Austin music photographers Gary Miller and Randy Cremean.


First time Bonnaroo attendees Victoria Bartlett (L) and Rachel Steadman (R) take in a silent auction guitar.

For the Erie, Pennsylvania girls, it was one name and one name only that made them start packing their ‘Roo bags. “We heard Mumford and Sons was headlining and had to go,” says Steadman.


Tim Scory of Ontario, Toronto drops his raffle card in the Bonnaroo Works Fund Community Center jar.

“I heard you can win tickets to next year’s Bonnaroo. Sounds good!” Every Bonnaroo festival attendee may drop their raffle card into the jar at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center (raffle card included with credentials). Daily raffles are held at 12, 3, and 6 P.M., with prizes ranging from a Gibson guitar and golf cart tour of this year’s Bonnaroo to 2016 VIP Bonnaroo tickets.


A Bonnaroo Festival attendee takes in Silent Auction guitars on the wall of the Bonnaroo Works Community Center.

One guitar included in the auction is a Gibson "Collector’s Choice" #26 1959 Les Paul “Whitford Burst.” Bidding for the “Whitford” begins at $6,000 (valued at $8,000). Guitar donated by Gibson.


A Bonnaroo Festival attendee observes the wall of donated legendary Hatch Show Prints (Nashville, TN).

Other bids include two tickets to the 2016 Grammy awards and after-party in Los Angles, California.


Bonnaroo Works Fund Extern Taylor Ryan hangs mounted music photos for the Bonnaroo Works Fund Silent Auction.

“All the proceeds go the Bonnaroo Works Fund. That was the man reason I applied [for the externship],” says the recent University of Louisville graduate. “And I love music.”


Bonnaroo Works Fund Intern Samantha Dixon mounts photos for the Silent Auction.

“I never thought you could integrate music and philanthropy like this [with the Bonnaroo Works Fund],” says Dixon. “You can do so much more with music—it has the power to do that.”


Third-year Bonnaroo-goer Noah Strayve (middle) takes a seat with first-time Bonnaroo-goer’s Tim Fitch (left) and Brandon Danial (right) at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center.

How did the three Chicagoans ended up at the festival to begin with? “I dragged these guys along,” says Strayve. Smiles from either side. “Yeah.”


First-time Bonnaroo volunteer Samantha Conner (center) assists a festival-goer with the 2015 Bonnaroo Census at the Bonnaroo Works Community Center.

“I am so happy I volunteered,” says Conner. “I’ve met so many people! The music is a big part. The community is what you feel.”



















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Taylor Ryan on June 17, 2015 said:
Hey Laura! Taylor Ryan here! Love the article, was wondering if you could fix my section. All of the proceeds from the Bonnaroo Works Fund go to the local non-profits.That was the main* reason I applied! Also, do you mind sending over any more images you have of me from that day?!?!? Thanks so much!!!


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