Honor East Nashville’s best with an East Nashvillian of the Year nomination

We’re reaching the end of East Nashvillian of the Year nominations season, and the folks who launched the honor — members of the Historic East Nashville Merchants Association — would love to hear from more of us.
Do you have a few neighbors on your mind who you think make life in East Nashville better for all of us, for one reason or another? Food for thought:

What the East Nashvillian of the Year honors are:

Launched in 2007, the East Nashvillian of the Year awards are meant to celebrate “people and businesses who exemplify the best of all the positive aspects of life in East Nashville.” That can mean (and has meant) anyone from a longtime local who dedicates herself to helping the homeless, to entrepreneurs who launch a rock club that juices the live-music scene in East Nashville.
The general intent is to honor people who make East Nashville more vibrant, more welcoming, more colorful, more fun — more East Nashville. Every year, neighbors nominate, and HENMA members vote on the nominations, and crown the winners. That’ll happen soon after the Nov. 26 deadline this year. (You can read more about the East Nashvillian of the Year awards on the HENMA website.)

What the winners receive:

Recognition is, of course, its own reward, and the bulk of what an East Nashvillian of the Year honoree receives is a fun bragging right, and the pride that comes with the love of his/her/their community. (There’s also always a feature in The East Nashvillian’s pages, which, biased as we are, we tend to think is a good get.)
More tangibly, too: Winners also grab a $200 prize, which they can use to replace their lawnmower. (Bumper sticker throwback; maybe had to be there.) 

How to make your nominations:

It’s easy to nominate deserving folks in our community. Right now, the HENMA folks are accepting nominations in two categories: citizen, and business or business owner.
Nominate in either/both categories for any East Nashville-esque reason you choose.
For the business-related category, there's flexibility, too: You can nominate a specific business (the main location/headquarters just needs to be physically located in East Nashville), or a business owner who lives in East Nashville. 
All you need to do: Send an email to ENOTY@eastnashville.org by Nov. 26, and include:
— Your nominee or nominees’ names
— A little explanation of why you think they deserve to be honored as East Nashvillian of the Year
Nominations have been rolling in, but HENMA is hungry for some more nods (especially in the business category), so if you have thoughts and feelings, please share.
We’ll unveil the 2018 East Nashvillians of the Year in our first issue of 2019.
Interested in checking out some past East Nashvillians of the Year coverage? A few links:
— East Nashvillians of the Year 2016: The Basement East and Bonnie Bogen
There’s more in our back issues, if you’d like to dig further. 
Hope to see a flood of love for our East Nashville neighbors. More info, if you need it, from HENMA.

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