Indie pop rockers Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes have been gathering fans and accolades for almost eight years. Formed in Nashville in 2010, the band placed their own glistening brand on pop-rock beginning with their debut album Civilized Man, which made’s 100 Best Albums of 2011 list.

Now, with two more records and miles of experience on the road in their pocket, the band is ready to celebrate the forthcoming release of their new album, Fashion, with a performance at Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd & Lindsley this weekend. Over the last eight years the band’s sound has continued to evolve and, according to front man Daniel Ellsworth, they are applying that same progressive attitude to the marketing of their new record by releasing it in three installments: Chapter One on January 19, 2018, Chapter Two in spring 2018, and the full album in Fall 2018.

“We're album guys through and through,” says Ellsworth. “But we're experimenting with how we roll out an album. We recorded Fashion in pieces over a year and a half, so we were inspired by that process to put it out to the world in the same manner we recorded it. People will be able to experience each chapter the way we made it, and then they’ll be able to hear the whole album the way we first envisioned it.”

Although fans will have to wait until next fall to hear the complete album, Ellsworth says Sunday night’s show will be a special preview to whet musical appetites.

“We're really excited about this record. For our first two albums and EP, we were on the road pretty much constantly. For Fashion, we stepped back and focused on both making a new record that was a real progression from what we’ve done in the past, along with thinking about how to release it. So for this show, we wanted to give a special preview of the album as a whole.”

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes will headline Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd & Lindsley this Sunday, January 14 with fellow local favorites The Daybreaks and Tori Bigelow opening. Tickets are $10, doors open at 6 p.m., with the show starting at 7 p.m.

"Control" & "Paralyzed" from DE + TGL's forthcoming album Fashion are available now on Soundcloud.


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