Everybody's Talkin' About East Nashville

It's always interesting to get a peek into how you're viewed from afar, and it's felt of late as though many, many eyes have been on Nashville broadly, and East Nashville specifically.

Not all of it is all that humble brag-worthy (we get a healthy share of hipster digs), but much of the press is pretty fun to see -- particularly when it's accurate.

We've felt suitably entertained sifting through the glut of East Nashville hat tips lately, so it seemed prudent to share. Here, snippets of how the outside world views our neighborhood and our city, from around the Internet and around the globe.

'Fathom' fathoms that we're 'up-and-coming'

New York-bred travel site Fathom felt that East Nashville merited its own to-do list, rounding up The Best of East Nashville to illustrate our "up-and-coming" neighborhood (which most of us'll probably argue has up and come fairly well, at this point).

'The Times' gives us credit for juicing Nashville's cool

Fond Object

The Times of London recently pondered "How Nashville got its cool back," highlighting Inglewood's indeed cool Fond Object as an argument-opener. (Above photo courtesy of Fond Object's Facebook page.)

'Conde Nast' sniffs the cool, too

Conde Nast Traveler, apparently aware of the cool that has been reclaimed herein, gathered up "The Coolest Places in Nashville from the Coolest People in Nashville." It's an unfortunately brief collection of cool, but East Nashville's Mas Tacos gets its due.

'Travel + Leisure' finds our people weird

A recent favorite: Travel + Leisure took a deep and measured look into perceptions of U.S. cities with the weirdest people, and lucky us, Nashville popped up as No. 10 on the list. Who's to blame for that weirdness, according to the responders and study? East Nashville, a destination for those who wish to "embrace the eccentrics."

'CNN' says 'unique,' but they mean weird

They're not the only folks who apparently noticed the weird. CNN just rounded up "Only in Nashville: 5 unique things" found here in our fine city. The clear subtext, however, is that their "unique" is of the "do what?" variety. And among that uniqueness is our very own Tomato Art Festival, dubbed "one of Nashville's premiere hipster events."

Also we have music!

Reuters managed to glance past the weird long enough to see that some musicians hang around here in their "Trip Tips: Nashville, the music lover's paradise," which doffs a hat to the Family Wash's offerings of "intimate shows by top troubadours."

'Forbes' likes our health score

Forbes focused in on health, and turns out our neighborhood plays a big part in "5 Healthy Reasons To Visit Nashville Now," from offering "some of Nashville’s nicest strolls along ... leafy, shaded streets" to holding one side of the Shelby Street Bridge and its "gorgeous exercise path."

And then there's coffee

Travel + Leisure also noticed that our weird people are caffeinated in the best possible way, calling Nashville one of "America's Best Coffee Cities" and nodding toward our own Barista Parlor.

Seen any other Eastside love bouncing around the press? Please, do share.

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