East Nashville's Pavilion East: What's in the Works?

Pavilion East
Change always comes along with potential, for new moves to be different, similar, bigger, smaller, exciting, maybe even a little jarring. So news that the big open-air event space by The Shoppes on Fatherland was rebranding/relaunching as Pavilion East was likely met with curiosity and questions. How's it gonna change? What'll stay the same?
Along with being a well-designed, smartly flexible space that's fun to hang out in, the Pavilion has tons of potential to fill a neighborhood events-space need, so we had plenty of curiosity about the change, too. Thus we reached out to new Pavilion East wrangler Jack Davis, of JD Events and Festivals.
Even if his name is new to you, you likely have a little experience with Davis' work. While working full-time at Vanderbilt managing events and event facilities, he's also been helping manage some of our town's best-loved fests for the past few years -- including the Nashville Pride Festival and a little gathering we call the Tomato Art Fest. Since last August, he's also been wholly planning and managing a mix of new events, including the Sevier Park Festival in 12th South and the Capitol District Street Fair in Germantown.
At the moment, Davis is busy taking his first steps to set up Pavilion East's future -- including booking and planning introductory events for March -- so it's a little early yet for a detailed look behind the curtain. Still, he took a few minutes to share a few hints. 
The East Nashvillian: Do you have a specific vision for the future of Pavilion East -- types of events, vibe, any regular happenings?
Jack Davis: "I'm just starting the process of getting events booked and planned for that space, but I do plan on having several events throughout the year along with the groups and organizations that book the space for public and private events." 
What have you learned about event-going habits/preferences in East Nashville, from working with the Tomato Art Fest?
"Fun, local, and simple.
"Nashville, including East Nashville, has a lot going on at any time, and events have to find away to grab audiences. I love working with events on the East Side because people are a bit more willing to try something new and wacky."
On the new Pavilion East site, you have the next Honey Bee Fest and new Fatherland District Days listed so far. Can you tell us anything specific yet? 
"Fatherland District Days will take place at the end of September at the Pavilion and along 11th Ave. and Fatherland, and will feature up to 40 artists that are given a 10-by-10-foot space on the street and two days to create something in any medium. People can watch the artists, enjoy other vendors and live music. I'm very excited about this event and more details, along with an artist application, will be ready in the next couple of weeks."
More on Pavilion East in the days and weeks to come. Interested in planning or hosting an event there? Hit up ThePavilionEast.com and reach out to Jack Davis. 

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