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Canvas Salon
While the coming week of 90-something temperatures doesn’t exactly hint at it, we are, to be fair, inching toward the end of summer. For some of us, that also means we’re being confronted with what summer did to our heads: crispy-fried and/or brittle hair, chlorine-cooked scalp and skin and other bits of warm-weather fun.
While pondering that annual predicament, it occurred to us that East Nashville is well-stocked in the ways of hair and skin help. So we reached out to Heidi Ruff-Lyon of Inglewood’s Canvas Salon and Apothecary for some of said help.
Heidi’s beauty-pro background traces back to early days as a mall fragrance model (a.k.a. a “perfume sniper,” she says), then cosmetology school in her late teens. The initial plan was makeup artistry for TV and film, “but life had other plans for me,” she says. “Hairdressing found me in 1992. I always knew I would do something creative with my work. I found my medium.”
Heidi opened the doors at Canvas in the fall of 2013 with plans of providing a “comfortable, refined, eco-friendly environment where one can experience a personalized and luxurious salon service.
“I want my guests to have a sanctuary, where they are my absolute focus and have my undivided attention. And when they leave, I want them to feel like not only their hair is renewed, but also their spirit.”
In the spirit of renewal, we asked Heidi a few questions about Canvas and about post-summer/into-fall hair care. Read on for some thoughts, tips and recommendations.
Canvas Salon
The East Nashvillian: Why did you choose East Nashville for Canvas?
Heidi Ruff-Lyon: “I moved to Eastwood Neighbors in October of 2000. I was working at a popular salon in the 12 South district and thought to myself, ‘There are so many cool people with good hair on the East Side, why are all the ‘cool/good’ salons across the river?’ 
“I rented a booth space at the ‘Boutique Coiffure’ (now Lockeland Table) and put out flyers at Bongo East. That was such a success that in only a few months I was able to open my first salon studio space, called mop*top in 2004, where with the help of awesome neighbors and amazing clients I was voted in the top three ‘Best of Nashville’ Scene readers poll in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 I closed the studio to focus on my family, my health and regroup.    
“My husband and I moved to Inglewood in 2010 and I was feeling like this neighborhood was next for growth. So last August when the opportunity came up, I took it, despite being nervous and not wanting to leave my salon at the time. I took the plunge and opened Canvas Salon & Apothecary. With other businesses like Old Made Good down the street and Sip Cafe moving in up the street I feel it was a smart move for me personally.”


As summer nears a close we need to take a look at what summer has done to our hair and scalp. While we still have some time, it’s never too late to start using sun protection for your hair. This is a good idea all year especially if you have color-treated hair and love being outside, like us.
Now is a good time to grab a great deep-therapy haircare. These are some products we love. (Canvas is a Davines concept salon, so all of our products are exceptionally eco-friendly — carbon neutral/zero impact to be exact — which is imperative to me and the other stylists. I feel very fortunate to operate in alignment with my ideals.)
Essential oils help moisturize and nourish dry skin as well as leave the hair soft and shiny, protecting cosmetic color from fading caused by sun, chlorine, and salt.
Eliminates residues of salt and chlorine, restoring-sun damaged hair to its optimal condition.
Follow that up with:
Complete anti-aging treatment for hair damaged by sun, chlorine and sea water. Replaces softness, moisture and shine even to dry and dull hair, leaving it tangle-free. 
Just dry and dehydrated:
Created to deeply moisturize dry, dehydrated hair, making it soft, silky and full of body without weighing it down.
Paired with:
Its advanced formula allows it to adapt to the specific moisturizing needs of dry, and dehydrated hair, giving it the softness, body and shine it needs.
In big trouble? Check into hair rehab at Canvas, with:
Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Scalp Treatment
An in-salon treatment for intensely dry, damaged, brittle hair. A three-step process including a therapeutic scalp massage, with essential oils and honey for moisture. ($35 by appointment, 30 minutes)


We can get some extra help from:
A complete treatment offering everything dry and brittle hair needs: nourishment, moisture and protection. A nourishing and repairing mask that also contrasts the static effect which causes fly-away hair, making hair easy to brush.
Deep treatments at home:
Always gently brush your hair before shampooing to stimulate your scalp and remove tangles. Proceed with deep-cleansing shampoo (like Davines Solu or SU shampoo) to remove residue from products or environment. After shampooing, towel-dry your hair and apply desired treatment conditioner mentioned above or you can even use olive or coconut oil from your pantry (add essential oils like lavender for an extra treat).
Next, comb through and leave in while you are working around the house on the weekend (braided if long), or cover your pillow with a towel & sleep in it. This is particularly great for moisture and oil treatments. Rinse/wash in the a.m. and see how amazing your hair feels. (A word of warning: With repair and protein treatments, follow the directions to the letter, as protein can build up in hair and cause it to snap… Ouch!)


Canvas is located at 3922 Gallatin Pike, Suite B. Keep up with the latest happenings/news at the Canvas Salon Facebook page. A few things to look forward to: The salon already features local makers of jewelry, candles and body care, and plans are to host more local artists for a new small gallery space. Look for pop-up shops coming in the fall and Canvas’ holiday gift bazaar in November.

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