East Nashville Valentine's Day Roundup

Being a little cynical about Valentine's Day is fair, sure. But refraining from gifting a V-day trinket or two to your beloved does tend to come off, by and large, as poor form. So if you're still in need of a solid present -- and don't feel like leaving the neighborhood -- we figured you might be in need of a little assistance-slash-inspiration.
Below, a roundup of a few local Valentine's offerings from East Side-rooted and/or East Nashvillian-beloved shops and folks. This, of course, isn't comprehensive. But it's definitely some stuff we'd put on a V-day wish list.

Grab sweets for your sweets from Nashville Sweets

Nashville Sweets
Nothing says, "I got your gift on the way home from work today" like a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Nashville Sweets' Valentine's sweets, however, show a lot more actual love. Their heart-shaped, message-emblazoned cake pops, in particular, offer all the throwback cute of those traditional message candies we all grew up with, only instead of tasting like sidewalk chalk, they taste like cake.

Give the gift of feeling good

An easy but still thoughtful way to make your better half feel loved and pampered: a massage. A great massage right in the neighborhood, so much the better. A great massage right in the neighborhood that you'll save money on? Full win. Hit TyrusArthurLMT.com, call 615.525.7439 or drop by 1104 B Fatherland to snag a gift certificate, with 25 percent off savings, and be confident that you did a bang-up job at gift-giving this year. Or, if you'd like to gift yourself while gifting your loved one, snag a "couple's package" at Music City Healing Arts, including two 60-minute relaxation massages and two 30-minute Infrared Sauna sessions for $150 (which is 30 percent off). You'll just need to snag the deal by Feb. 16, and use it within six months. 

Buy a bonus for your booze lover

Bittermilk from Welcome Home
Those who appreciate spirits aren't super hard to shop for, generally, but there's only so many times you can foist a bottle of scotch before you seem a bit predictable. East Side space Welcome Home has some cool boozy gifts on hand this year, including a "Whisky for Two" gift set (two nice glasses and a set of six whiskey stones for $36) and Bittermilk Cocktail Concentrates (organic, all natural mixes particularly suited for folks who like keeping the V-day celebration at home). And double bonus: they always gift wrap for free. (Welcome Home is at 1882 Eastland Ave.)

Get some sweet savings at Pony Show

If your love likes vintage/handmade stuff, Pony Show (723 Porter Road) is always a good call, particularly so around Valentine's Day, since you can snag 20 percent off savings by using the password "SWEETHEART" (aside of some consignment items). Extra win for you serious procrastinators: Lead Pony Pippin Chapman will also have free cupcakes in the shop on Feb. 14.

Save on stuff at Tiffany's place

Remember when we talked a bunch about pop star Tiffany's new(ish) boutique in East Nashville? If you haven't been by yet (or if you're a frequent visitor), now's a good time -- Tiffany's Boutique, at 1006 Fatherland St., Suite 201, is offering a "Sweetheart Special" through Valentine's Day: 15 percent off your total purchase.

Celebrate East Side chocolate on a chocolate-y holiday

Thistle Farms
Olive & Sinclair's sweet & spicy Mexican-style chocolate heart has become something of an East Side Valentine's staple. This year the O&S love is spreading into Thistle Farms' Valentine's Day gift set, which includes their O&S nibs-infused Chocolate Facial Mask and an artisan chocolate bar for $25. You can also swing by Olive & Sinclair's new factory (1628 Fatherland) for one of their latest creations, S'mores Chocuterie (looks kinda like chocolate salami, tastes like s'mores), and save 25 percent by showing this Facebook post.

Snag a strap at Fanny's

Fanny's House of Music
Something fun for you guitar players to reward yourselves with/spend your spare Valentine's Day cash on: Fanny's House of Music is taking 15 percent off designer straps from Souldier, Original Fuzz and Copper Peace over the weekend.

Have a romantic meal

Our friends at Pomodoro East have a pretty rad Valentine's menu going that we're pretty drooled-out about. Four courses (including oysters, truffles, champagne cake and lots more decadent-sounding stuff) for $60, plus a wine pairing, if you like, for an extra $25. (Peep the whole menu at the Pomodoro East website.) Check for reservation availability online, or drop a line to 615.873.4978.

Treat your furry loves

Baxter & Bailey Co.
Few creatures give and thus deserve love like a dog. So skipping the pups on Valentine's Day seems pretty lousy. Thankfully, Baxter Bailey & Company has a well-stocked selection of gourmet treats -- from cookies to doughnuts and truffles -- that are all natural, preservative-free and handmade, plus super cute. And at least in our experience, a dog doesn't mind being given a treat, holiday or no.

Take a hike

We'd find it hard to think of a more romantic way to spend Valentine's evening than the Full "Snow" Moon Hike at Shelby Park, starting at 7 p.m. You'll take a guided moonlight stroll, tune your ears to the sounds of East Side wildlife, then come back for a bonfire, s'mores, gourmet hot chocolate and, we'd guess, some snuggles. There's a $5 suggested donation, and more info is in our calendar
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