East Nashville News: Worm's Way closing, Walk Eat Nashville launches, more

Worms Way
It’s been quite the busy week around here. The headbutting East Nashville goat was found and rehomed, we won best neighborhood in Best of Nashville again (and many, many East Nashville names took their own bests) and some of us got up real early to see a blood moon. Lotsa good times.
Plus, we just launched a new giveaway that'll be of particular interest to you dog owners/dog lovers, including two dog passes to Bark for Life of East Nashville and a generous gift basket from our friends at Wags & Whiskers. Enter here.
Elsewhere, we heard about some new businesses, closing businesses, events and more. On to the latest East Nashville news:

Worm’s Way closing

Organic and hydroponic gardening center Worm’s Way is shutting its East Nashville doors after 10 years, the company announced this week.
“This decision was a very difficult one as we have had a wonderful time getting to know all our loyal customers who have supported us since the beginning. We have loved being a part of the East Nashville community and your indoor and outdoor gardens,” a Worm’s Way mailer reads.
As the store gets ready to shutter (plan is end of November/December), they’re holding a major sale, with up to 50 percent savings storewide and an expanded clearance section. The longstanding East Side location is at 901 Main St.
Small consolation for you gardeners who are super bummed: You’ll still be able to order you favorite products through the Worm’s Way website.

Walk Eat Nashville shows folks the East Side food ropes

Walk Eat Nashville
Our neighborhood’s food scene gets a lot of deserved praise, and if you’re a newcomer or guest, it can take a minute to really dig in and get a sense. With the newly launched Walk Eat Nashville, though, you now have an East Nashville food crash course, of sorts, to help with the exploration. 
East Sider Karen-Lee Ryan is the brains (and feet) behind the new guided walking food tour company, whose first tour, naturally, focuses on her home turf. What you’ll get by taking part in a Walk Eat East Nashville tour: tastings at six neighborhood restaurants and artisan food shops; behind-the-scenes details from chefs and producers; in-depth info and stories about the neighborhood and its culinary offerings; and take-home listings about the places you’ve tasted, for return trips.
The whole tour runs less than three hours, and they happen weekly on Thursdays and Fridays, 1:30 to 4:15 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. respectively. Each tour is limited to 10 guests, and $49 tickets can be snagged online.
Grab more info at the Walk Eat Nashville website.

Paper Moon brings on-the-go crafting to East Nashville

Paper Moon
Another new addition to the East Nashville business world: Paper Moon Crafts, which celebrates its grand opening Saturday, Oct. 11 at the 1108 Shops at Woodland’s El Dia de los Muertos shindig.
Paper Moon hosts crafting parties and crafting gatherings and offers various handmade crafts for purchase, but don’t go hunting for a traditional storefront — they’re housed inside Athena, a 1967 Airstream trailer that jewelry designer/PM head Jennifer Harvard converted into a “retail space/studio/craft party destination.”
The Dia de los Muertos party kicks off at noon and runs until 9 p.m. at the Shoppes (1108 Woodland), and the festivities will include music, art, face painting, psychic readings, crafting and seasonal Mexican food.
For more on Paper Moon, drop by the Paper Moon Crafts website.

Second Beat Night Market is happening

Those waters dropping from the sky? They’ve put a bit of a damper (sorry) on this month’s installment of new outdoor marketplace Beat Night Market. However, we’re not talking total cancellation. Tonight’s market is called off, but Saturday’s still a go.
If you missed the first Beat, here are the basics: It’s an outdoor artisan market focused on handmade and local wares that range from textiles to art pieces, held in the lot next to Bongo East (107 S. 11th), usually 6 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday (see above).
This weekend’s market will feature home decor from Flax and the Beast, jewelry from Herz aus Glas and lots more. For more on Beat Night Markets, visit the Outlier Nashville Facebook page

‘The Walking Dead,’ live

Safe to say that more than a few of us around the neighborhood have been eagerly anticipating the return of our favorite roving gang of zombie-fighting Georgians, and praise be to AMC, the new season of The Walking Dead is finally here. 
If you’d prefer to scream “Corl!” at the screen within a larger group, East Nashville offers a couple of different options to do that stuff and thangs collectively.
As has been Walking Dead East Nashville tradition for a while now, Cult Fiction Underground will again host big-screenings at their place, every Sunday at 8 p.m. But a little update: They’re getting ready to move into their new, larger space at 1048 E. Trinity, and the full move is still in the works (opening night is Oct. 11’s Horror Hootenanny), so their Walking Dead nights will pick up on week two on Trinity.
This weekend, you can opt to swing by Fond Object in Riverside Village, who are closing out their season of al fresco movie screenings Sunday with a packed night of entertainment, kicking off at 6:30. There’ll be two episodes of TV show The Prisoner, a screening of heavy metal/horror hybrid film Black Roses, then The Walking Dead season premier, starting around 10. Fond Object is at 1313 McGavock; more at their Facebook event page.

East Nashville Radio in the 'Scene'

If you haven’t already seen it: Shout out to a great story in the Nashville Scene about Richard Carpenter and his great East Nashville Radio. A snippet:
"I'm trying to bring attention to the music that's not mainstream," says Richard Carpenter, a songwriter and professional drummer who started East Nashville Radio in 2010. "People listening to terrestrial radio are stuck with 'bro country' and whatever is on the Top 40, and I want them to hear the real music; music that's true to heart."
Give the story a read at the Nashville Scene website, and hear some talented neighbors at East Nashville Radio too.

A good excuse to try Kali Yuga Yoga

If you’ve been thinking about trying some yoga classes/joining a new yoga studio, here’s a good excuse to take a look at Kali Yuga Yoga, over at 1011 Fatherland: Saturday, Oct. 11 is their new student orientation day, during which info will be shared, questions will be answered and the studio can be ogled. All attendees also grab a free class pass, which’ll allow you to follow up with a test run at no cost.
Orientation is 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and is free.

Stitch ’n’ Bitch at Nutmeg

The concept of a Stitch ’n’ Bitch is a longrunning and pretty simple one: Folks get together to hang, chat, maybe enjoy some beverages and knit/crochet/cross-stitch/do whatever type of stitching inspires them. We’ve had some of those gatherings in Nashville, and there’s a new one in East Nashville, hosted by new East Side sewing/crafts supply store Nutmeg.
Nutmeg’s stitching/bitching goes down on Friday nights (including this Friday), 6 to 8 at 1006 Fatherland, Suite 204. There will be wine, and you’re welcome to join. Keep up with Nutmeg on Facebook for future events.
That’s all for this week. As always, we’d love to see your East Nashville news submissions.

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Jason Chambers on October 11, 2014 said:
Regarding Worm's Way closing.... I have been a long-time fan, and customer, of WW and it's unfortunate that they are closing after all this time in Nashville. For those of you who are (were) customers and enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, and great knowledge base for gardening, I recently opened a TRUE hydroponic supplies store in Murfreesboro. I never saw us as competitors as much as we were just serving different markets. If anyone is willing to take the drive, MidTN Hydroponics & Gardening is located about 1mile south of 840, on NW Broad St. (near Sloan's). I know it's a bummer Nashville's long-time hydroponics supplies store is nearly gone, but we'll be here to serve the Nashville community as much as we are Murfreesboro's. Check us out on facebook.com/midtnhydro for update and contact info.

Sean Alexander on October 13, 2014 said:
Did Worms Way have another location before the one they're in now on Main Street? I remember just three or four years ago there was a Modern furniture/decor store in that building.

enkay on October 13, 2014 said:
@Sean, I remember that furniture place too -- still have a few light fixtures from it. It was back further though, I think it closed around 2005.


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