East Nashville News: Wild Feathers, new spaces, lots more

Happenings around here don't slow down just 'cuz the weather's gone cold (today notwithstanding). Openings, celebrations, local music-makers making national waves -- lots to keep up with.

The latest installment of our East Nashville News bites:

The Wild Feathers take to the airwaves

Know our music issue cover gentlemen, The Wild Feathers? They're racking up successes, just like we expected, and this week, that includes showing the late-night TV crowd how it's done.

The band hit the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage on Monday, and tonight (Dec. 4), they drop by the Conan show to perform. Conan airs at 10 p.m. Central on TBS. As an appetite whetter, watch the Feathers doing Kimmel below.

East Nashville Additions

Some established Eastside businesses opened up new spaces this past week.

Mitchell Delicatessen

First, Mitchell Delicatessen opened up their long-awaited new location, at 1306 McGavock Pk., today. More space to shop, more space to sit, expanded menu and a soda bar (which we hear will have adult-like beverages soon). The above photo courtesy of Mitchell's Facebook page.

The folks behind The Dog Spot also branched out from doggy daycare and boarding into pet supplies, opening Spot's Pet Supply & Dog Wash as of last Friday.

Curious about the new shop? Pop into 1013 Gallatin Ave., or check out this chat we had with the Spot/Spot's' Chad Baker about the space in October.

The much talked-about Boone and Sons market at 1201 Porter is inching closer and closer to opening -- we hear the welcome mat is set to go out before December 15.

A mix of brand-new and broadening:

If you're a fan of sweet stuff, good chance you know Nicole Wolfe and Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. (This new Christmas menu is bonkers -- pumpkin Frangelico cheesecake with homemade gingersnap crust!?) Wolfe is getting ready to move into a new East Nashville storefront in early 2014, as part of another new space people have been bandying about this week: The Post, a new coffee shop in the works at Fatherland and 17th.

And then there's also the Nashville Community Darkroom, which we mentioned some months back, as the folks behind the student- and artist-focused space were fundraising.

With funds successfully raised, things are coming along -- the Darkroom folks have a space at 1143 Gallatin, and plan to soft open in early January, with photo workspace, gallery space and more.

Meantime, they'll host a Dec. 16 fundraiser at Thistle Stop Cafe (5128 Charlotte Ave), with a performance from East Nashvillian contributor, writer and music-maker Tommy Womack and lots more info about the darkroom. Love photography? Pitch in by attending, with a $25 suggested donation.

Birthdays, year-ends and other reasons to party

We're not exactly short on reasons to celebrate right now, but let's start with the non-holiday ones.

Say Cheeserie

The East Nashvillians behind The Grilled Cheeserie celebrate three years of serving masterful melts to happy locals this weekend, and lucky us, their birthday party is in the neighborhood.

Pop by Barista Parlor on Sunday, Dec. 8, and if you're one of the first hundred hungry folks, you'll snag a free melt. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams will also be on hand, sharing cloverton ice cream with honey cornbread gravel and selling other flavors, and local band Poly will provide sounds.

The party's free, and runs from 3 to 6 p.m. at 519 Gallatin.

Celebrate and Learn With Urban Green Lab

It's been a year of changes for the sustainability-focused Urban Green Lab, from new programs to new plans and partnerships. If you'd like to learn about those changes -- and what's in store for 2014 -- stop by Fat Bottom Brewing (900 Main) on Dec. 12 to raise a glass, salute the end of the year and hear some updates. The party runs 5 to 8 p.m.

On the UGL/sustainability front, there's also an open house celebration set for Dec. 5, showing off the high-performance Little Green House. It'll offer insight into just how efficient and environmentally friendly home building can be.

The Little Green House open house is 6 to 8 p.m. at 1420 Shelby.

And Now the Holiday Happenings: Raise a Glass to East C.A.N.

We'll take any reason to celebrate the great things East C.A.N. does for animals and our community, but the holidays plus a fifth anniversary sounds extra special.

East C.A.N. hosts their annual open house on Dec. 7 at 1408 Ordway Place, with drinks and snacks and a slideshow that shares some of the work they've done and the pups and people they've helped. It's not an adoption event, or a fundraiser -- just a fun, celebratory hang. Head by from 6 to 11 p.m.

Party and Shop with Lockeland Springsteen

Local blog buddies Lockeland Springsteen have a holiday party going down in the neighborhood too: Pop by The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest) on Monday, Dec. 16 for live music, a mini-market with music-related gifts on offer, half-price drinks and hot chicken and other good times.

The party goes down from 5 to 8 p.m., and we hear some special surprise guests will pop in. (Probably Tay-tay, right?)

We'd also like to tip a hat to Marche for a fun excuse for holiday feasting. They have "A Christmas Carol" dinners set for Dec. 15 and 22, featuring a three-course prix fixe menu ($25, with wine pairings for $15) inspired by the classic Dickens tale, plus a dramatic live reading.

Things start up at 6 p.m., and you can (and need to) make reservations via 262-1111. May we never bah a humbug again.

Save $ and ¢ on J and HP

Last thing on the holiday front: Eastside clothing designers J and HP are offering up a chance to save while making the ladies in your life look extra lovely. Snag any of their women's items at 60 percent off by using the discount code "HOLIDAY" at checkout.

And more love for East Nashville

We rounded up a heap of good East Nashville press around Thanksgiving. Has that praise slowed to a trickle? 'Course not.

Cool Hunting recently added a Nashville city guide, and there's much East Nashville love to be found in it. Take a look.

Much more East Nashville news to come. Have anything East Nashville-related to share? Please reach out!

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