East Nashville News: Verticity Indoor Cycling Studio, Robyn Hitchcock record release at The Beast, Her Bookshop Happy Hour

Our May-June 2017 issue is on the racks. Local psych-rockers All Them Witches are on the cover, The Food Sheriff lays down his laws of the kitchen, and an ode to Charlie Bob’s.
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Now on to our East Nashville news:


Local fitness entrepreneurs Lindsay Brooker and Kimberly Novosel are launching Verticity Indoor Cycling Studio in the Farrow at 5 Points (corner of S. 10th Street and Russell Street) next Friday. The boutique cycling studio will have about 30 bikes and was inspired Novosel’s experiences at cycling studios in New York and Portland. The classes offered at Verticity will go for around 45 minutes in a dark studio with loud music, where riders will pedal to the beat. From the Verticity website:

“Smells Like Teen Spirit is 115 BPM so our riders make 115 pedal strokes in one minute.  We are a rhythm based ride with a goal of motivating you to ride at a harder or faster tempo than you knew you could with bumping tunes.”

A ribbon cutting event and VIP preview will take place on Friday, May 26, with classes open to the general public from Saturday, May 27.

For more information, visit Verticity.


English cult figure and East Nashville transplant Robyn Hitchcock will launch his critically acclaimed new album at the Basement East on Thursday, May 25. The eponymously-titled record is described by Hitchcock as “ecstatic work of negativity,” and was produced in Nashville by Brendan Benson. Combining dystopic psychedelia, folk, and rock sounds with lyrics at once surrealistic, nostalgic, and sublime, the album is one of Hitchcock’s finest. It features a choice selection of local musicians including Jon Estes on bass, Jon Radford on drums, and Anne McCue on guitar. The launch will feature the players from the record as well as a selection of special guests. Support from the show comes from Lilly Hiatt and Justin and the Cosmics.

The East Nashvillian is thrilled to be giving away tickets to the show.

The giveaway includes:

— A signed LP of Robyn's latest self-titled record

— A poster

— A t-shirt

— AND a pair of tickets to the show (duh)

You can enter the giveaway here.

You can buy tickets to the show here.

Read Tommy Womack’s feature on Robyn from The East Nashvillian archives here.


There’s no shortage of happy hours in East Nashville but not all feature creative writing, beautiful illustrations and pretty music. The fine folks at Her Bookshop in the Shoppes on Fatherland (1006 Fatherland St., #103A) will be slinging wine and hosting Brooklyn based writer and illustrator Meera Lee Patel, who will be signing copies of her beautifully designed self-help journal, Start Where You Are on Thursday, May 25. Patel will be joined by local musician Emily Arrow, who creates whimsical and charming singalong tunes are written for kids aged from 1-10. Arrow won the 2015 John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her children's music, performs at schools, libraries, and bookstores all over the country.

Find out more information about Meera Lee Patel here.

Listen to Emily Arrow’s music here.

For more details about the event, you can check out the Her Bookshop facebook event here.









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