East Nashville news: new restaurant and shop, a closing, more

A Matter of Taste
Without delving into the complicated politics of the situation, safe to say a lot of us were sad to see the historic home at 1818 Eastland go under the proverbial wrecking ball this week. So as we head to Yum!East to enjoy the culinary delights of East Nashville, we’ll plan to pour some out for a handsome if troubled structure. Shame it didn’t work out for someone to move it.
Perhaps fitting that nod toward neighborhood changes, this week’s East Nashville news roundup includes new openings and closings, arrivals and one thing that just ain’t changing — the regular ringing of the ol' “hipster” bell.
On to it:

A Matter of Taste is on its way

Fresh fooderie A Matter of Taste, currently located over on Franklin Rd., will be making its way East soon, those folks announced recently.
The new East Side place, pictured above (from their Facebook page), allows the Tasters to expand their menu and “possibilities,” with lunch, dinner, weekend brunch and adult beverages on offer in a more spacious… space.
Target date for open doors, they say, is August 1, “just in time for the Tomato Festival.” The eagle eyes among you may recognize that facade as the handsome new 1100 Fatherland.
For more, check out A Matter of Taste on Facebook.

Studio Green shuts its doors

Bummer news from Studio Green Organic Salon: This’ll be the 11th St. beauty stop’s last month in business.
“We are sorry to inform you that due to reasons beyond our control Studio Green will be closing its doors,” a message from the business says. “…Each stylist will be venturing out on their own.”
The salon, at 218 S 11th St., snips its final shaggy 'do on June 21. Anyone with outstanding gift cards should give a shout to 615-226-3278 to redeem them.
Best of luck with your new moves, Studio Green-ers — let us know if you stay in the neighborhood!

The Post opening posthaste

Word around the campfire is that The Post — the new coffee place and smoothie and juice bar at 1701 Fatherland St. — is planning to open its doors this coming Wednesday, barring any hold-ups with Codes and such.
We got a try of their strawberry basil juice at Yum!East, and it lived on up to the festival's name, so, point being: looking forward to Wednesday.

Nest 615 perches on Fatherland

Another new business getting ready to pop up in East Nashville: Home goods shop Nest 615 — “a shop for the people in and around Nashville, TN to nest their homes with items that are truly one of a kind” — has a new space in the works at 1006 Fatherland St.
The address head Nester Ginger Lee has up there on the new Nest 615 Facebook page indeed makes her a new Shoppes on Fatherland face. Keys were just snagged earlier this week, so it’ll surely be a minute before doors open, but keep tabs on the social medias as the build-out moves forward.

Girls Up Loud share their skills

Girls Up Loud
Over the past week, Girls Up Loud — a talented singing crew of 35 middle and high school girls, led by Fleming McWilliams and Laura Donohue — have been working hard learning, workshopping, fine-tuning and rehearsing songs to share with family, friends and the neighborhood. That sharing happens at the performance/culmination of their 2014 camp on Friday, June 6 at Pavilion East (11th and Fatherland), starting up at 7 p.m.
At the event, expect a live band and a fired-up and fun team of Girls, taking their youthful exuberance and camp-honed vocal chops to the stage. Head down and cheer ‘em on, and learn more at the Girls Up Loud Facebook page.

Pet Community Center officially open

The Pet Community Center we mentioned recently is, as of June 2, officially open and accepting appointments for low-cost spay and neuter and vaccination services.
The Center’s located at 943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Dr., off Trinity Lane, over by the recycling center. Learn more at www.petcommunitycenter.org.

A lil Pied Piper is here

Huge congrats go out this week to Jenny Piper of Pied Piper Creamery, an East Nashville staple and facilitator of delicious ice creams with punny names. Baby girl Lanie just arrived to fitting fanfare: a new flavor called Wehadababyitsagirl. 
A round of applause for Piper’s latest creation. 

Elizabeth Cook returns to ‘Letterman’


In case you missed East Nashville treasure Elizabeth Cook’s latest trip to visit David Letterman this week, here’s a video, above, of a lovely, haunting performance of The Velvet Underground’s "Pale Blue Eyes,” done especially for Dave. Swoons, y’all. 

Our ‘creative enclave’

Another week, another listicle. This one — “15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or Los Angeles” — rounds up some friendly homes for filthy hipster slackers (kidding! mostly!), and wouldn’t you know it: 
“East Nashville, sometimes lamented as a hipster haven and otherwise lauded as a major culinary hot spot, has firmly established itself as the creative enclave of Tennessee's capital.”
Poor New York and Los Angeles, always getting overlooked.
Read more at PolicyMic, particularly if you think East Nashville’s gone downhill since its first 7-inch and are looking for some other options.

The East Nashvillest brick you’ll ever buy

A reminder for supporters of the Lockeland Design Center — they’re commemorating their 10th year with a creative, Herb Williams-designed bike rack and patio at the school, and are fundraising by offering personalized patio bricks.
If you’d like to become a part of the patio, check out this brick order form. You have six lines of space with which to capture and immortalize your person. 

Your weekend al fresco movie

Sunday’s weather, at the moment, is looking a little dicey, but let this serve as a digital no-rain dance, since this weekend’s Grassy Knoll Movie Nights movie is the classic To Kill a Mockingbird.
Head by the lot next to Bongo, 109 South 11th St., at sundown, and bring $5 (or $4 and a can of food to donate), maybe a blanket or a low lawn chair. Some cash for food-truck snacks, maybe a puppy. Y'know, do you. 
That’s it for this week. If you’d like to share some East Nashville news, please, reach out.

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