East Nashville News: Melissa Corbin, Cook Out, Beat market and more

Melissa Corbin
One thing a lot of us have been talking about this week: Metro Council’s thumbs up on new regulations for two-family residential buildings. Since that topic tends to get a little heated — and we’re nothing if not a warm bath of positivity over here at the blog — we’ll move right along to indisputably happy news: Our new issue is here!
If you haven’t already snagged your copy around town, feel free (and encouraged) to read it on our website in individual article and/or issuu form. It’s this year’s music issue, and it pays fitting tribute to the wealth of incredible guitarists we have here in our Guitar Town.  
Beyond, we’ve got a few other things happening in East Nashville to share, from new markets and restaurants to a big Goo Goo-related neighbor win.
On to it:

Corbin’s Hunka Goo Goo Love lives up to its name

If you regularly read our print publication, you may have noticed regular recipes and food-related tidings from one Melissa D. Corbin (pictured up top), a remarkably food-smart person and a very talented cook. A little extra proof of that came at last Saturday’s Music City Cookoff at the Fairgrounds.
Said Cookoff was a Super Regional Event for the World Food Championships, and winners in the seafood and dessert categories would be winning a golden ticket to compete in Las Vegas for the grand prize (which is a whoooole buncha money).
The Goo Goo Clusters-sponsored dessert category winner: our pal Melissa, with a peanut butter/banana/Goo Goo hand pie she dubbed a Hunka Hunka Goo Goo Love. Generous soul that she is, Melissa is sharing the recipe on her blog, too, so we can all enjoy while cheering her on for her trip to Vegas. Huge congrats, Melissa — bring that thing on home, yeah?

Seems we’re getting a Cook Out

This has been rumored for a while now, and we’ve been trying (and failing) to snag more detail from the guilty parties. But meantime, here’s what we know: That old KFC on Gallatin at Trinity is set to become a Cook Out restaurant, according to rumor-backing info on the county assessor of property site
Why should you be interested in another chain outpost, you might ask? Well, some folks around here view Cook Out a lot like Californians view In-N-Out Burger, as a high-quality, worth-getting-excited-about burger chain. We haven’t yet dug up info on a timeframe around which we’ll be able to test that out, but if you felt like hustling out to Murfreesboro, there’s already one there.

Last call for Tomato art

Lord of the Maters
Now that we’ve all had enough time for the Tomato Art Fest hangover to fade, here’s a chance to revive your tomato excitement: Art and Invention Gallery is hosting a final weekend closing reception and sale on Saturday (Sept. 13) from 6 to 9 p.m., during which all remaining tomato art will be marked down with a loving hand.
Head by 1106 Woodland to ogle and procure beautiful, lycopene-rich works like the above (“Lord of the Maters,” by artist Marshall Hall).

First Beat Night Market goes down this week

We mentioned a little while back that some local folks were cooking up Beat Night Market, a monthly two-night artisan’s outdoor marketplace over at the lot next to Bongo East.
The first Beat installment goes down starting Friday (Sept. 12) from 6 to 11 p.m. (same time Saturday). Among the folks sharing and selling this first week: m. florita jewelry, Jim Wallace (shirts, prints and original artwork), mobile boutique Sisters of Nature and a number of others.
Check out the Outlier Nashville Facebook page for more Beat info. 

Hail plans move and HAIL-O-WEEN celebration

Appreciators of all that’s weird likely know East Side shop Hail, Dark Aesthetics, which traffics in “taxidermy, oddities, antiques” and “items for the darker side.” Word on the street has been that the shop was moving from its Porter Rd. location; word on the Hail social medias is that said move will be to multifaceted neighborhood venue The East Room, in the coming weeks.
As a fitting hello, the Hail folks will be hosting a one year anniversary/“grand re-opening” party on October 31, which they’re dubbing HAIL-O-WEEN, naturally. Keep up with Hail on Facebook for updates on that party and other East Side oddities.

Holly Street Rocks is coming up

The annual Holly Street Rocks wine and beer tasting is coming up on September 13, and your attendance and imbibing at that fine event brings aid to Jamie's Fund, which “provides tuition assistance to families dealing with financial setbacks that threaten their access to childcare.”
The tasting and silent auction runs 6 to 10 p.m. at The Building (behind Drifters at 5 Points), and tickets are $50 in advance, $60 at the door. Even if you can’t go, organizers are accepting donations to the fund through the Holly Street Rocks website, so there’s an easy opportunity to pitch in and help neighbors raising the folks who will one day take over for us and complain on the Internet about cars and dogs and fireworks and stuff. 

Americana Music Fest in East Nashville

Americana Ladies Night
The annual thumbs-upping of all things Americana, the Americana Music Festival, is about to go down around town September 17-20, and our side of the river isn’t left out of the left-of-CMT-center fun.
Among the East Nashville Americana-associated events coming up:
Thursday, Sept. 18: Americana Ladies Night at Pavilion East (1106 Fatherland), hosted by Fanny's House of Music and featuring performances from Hannah Aldridge, Anne McCue, Lilly Hiatt and Margo and The Price Tags. 5:30 to 8 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 21: Gumbo and Good Times at Fond Object with Music City Doughboys, Smith & Weeden, Tim Easton, The Far West, JP Harris & The Tough Choices, Sons Of Bill and JP Harris, who’ll be celebrating a new album whilst cooking the event’s titular gumbo. 2 to 7 p.m.
For all the other Americana fest goodness, hit the Americana Music Association’s official website.
That’s all for this week. Wanna share your East Nashville thoughts? Reach out.

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