East Nashville News: KOKOS Ice Cream, behind the scenes with chef Hal and Bobby Flay, more

It’s not surprising, given what we went through in 2010 here in Nashville, that our community would be quick to step up for Texas. You’ll find any number of worthy Harvey benefit sales/events/activities going on around Nashville, and here are just a few East Nashville-centric ones to consider, if you’re looking for extra ways to help:
Pomodoro East is hosting a relief benefit 5 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, September 7, with live music and a silent auction, and donations going directly to several families who lost everything in the flood.
There are surely a lot more that we haven’t come across (and many in the works), so if you know of other Harvey relief happenings in the community, please share in the comments.  
With that, on to this week’s East Nashville News:

KOKOS ice cream coming, to go

Sweet new friends coming to East Nashville: The folks behind KOKOS Artisan Ice Cream announced that they’re getting ready to open a KOKOS To-Go Shop in the Shops at Porter East, the commercial hub that’s already home to Pomodoro East, Pony Show, Apple & Oak and others.
KOKOS has to date been a pop-up player around town, serving dairy-free, coconut milk-based sweet stuff from a super-cute ice cream bike in parks and on sidewalks. (You might’ve caught them here in the neighborhood recently in front of Cafe Roze.) 
This shop will be the KOKOS team’s first brick-and-mortar, and here’s what they say we should expect: 
— Cute little physical location where you can grab our prepackaged cups of ice cream and hang out
— In addition to our rotating flavors, we will have specials and the possibility to buy pints for you to take home
— Consistently delicious, all plant-based, nut-free, peanut-free ice cream, that is made by hand with great care and love and with the best quality all-natural ingredients 💚
Sounds OK by us. 
According to KOKOS social media updates, the to-go shop should be hosting soft-opening dates in late September, with an official opening on October 14. And that isn’t the only big move they have in mind: A scoop shop is apparently in the works for early 2018, too.
Learn more at kokosicecream.com, and follow along on the KOKOS Facebook page and KOKOS Instagram.

Behind the scenes with Chef Hal and Bobby Flay

Earlier this month, the Food Network put one of our own in the spotlight, airing an episode of Beat Bobby Flay in which Lockeland Table chef Hal Holden-Bache battled the uber-famous Iron Chef. 
First, mea culpa, we said it was Flay show Throwdown when we tipped to it initially, but we had our reasons.
Anyhow, really cool post-script: Now that the episode’s aired and the parties have been held, Chef Hal’s peeled back the veil on what a food-TV battle is like, and it’s really enlightening and fun.
Among the insights Holden-Bache shares in his “My Throwdown with Bobby Flay” essay: how much time contestants get to mentally chew on secret ingredients, what judges’ tables are really like, how a chef’s “signature dish” is chosen, napping on the set and lots more.
Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know whether or not Chef Hal was able to indeed Beat Bobby Flay, maybe watch the episode, dubbed “Bear-ware,” before you read the play-by-play.
The Food Network website says Holden-Bache’s battle is going to air again on Thursday, September 14 at 9:30 p.m., then a few hours later at 12:30 a.m., and again at 6:30 p.m. on September 28.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Community Darkroom

As this column was going up, the Darkroom team was days away from opening the doors at their new space, 625 Hart Lane, to members. Come September 9, they’ll be opening up for tours, as part of that month's neighborhood-spanning Eastside Art Stumble
“We are really excited,” board member and photographer Erin Kice tells us. “(The new space) has a more industrial feel, upgraded equipment and sinks, and more flexibility for events.”
If you’re not familiar with the East Nashville non-profit, their mission is to support and spread the good word about film photography, which they do through workshops and classes, community engagement, curated gallery shows and more. If you’re interested in learning about shooting and developing film — and/or would like a place to work on all that — it’s an organization worth looking in to.

Latest Envision Cayce happenings

The Envision Cayce project — a massive-scale, multi-million-dollar public housing redevelopment endeavor, meant to reinvent the Cayce Place property into a mixed-use, mixed-income community — hit some big milestones recently.
Among them: the opening of its first new building, which, according to the MDHA, also happens to be the first new Davidson County public-housing addition in almost two decades.
Barrett Manor, a four-story structure with 70 apartments, welcomed its first residents in earlier this week, many of them senior and disabled Nashvillians coming from older Cayce spaces.
Another significant happening: The Cayce name is going away.
WPLN reported this week on a new name that’ll take the housing community “back to its roots”: Boscobel Heights, the Cayce Homes’ original moniker, tracing back to its 1939 construction. 
These incremental steps are leading toward a massive destination — when all is said and done, the $600 million project is meant to result in 2390 units, with new buildings coming up on currently vacant property, and older buildings eventually being razed and replaced. A health center, grocery, library, retailers and 11 acres of green space are also in the planning.
The next step, scheduled for a fall groundbreaking: Kirkpatrick Park, with 94 townhomes.
For a deeper look into the Envision Cayce vision, the MDHA shares lots more here.
If you’d like to dig a little further into Cayce Place’s history and how the Envision Cayce plan fits into it, read the piece we ran in our July-August 2014 issue here.


— We’re happy to share that Fond Object in Riverside Village is back open, and they’re offering 15 percent off all vinyl through the weekend to mark it.
— We’ve just passed Madeline Pizza and Pasta’s first birthday, and to celebrate, the Cleveland Park eatery has a present for us: They’re offering 10 percent off your first online order through their new website, madelinepizza.com.
— The folks at East Nashville’s Any Old Iron shared a capture of, they say, megapopstar Alicia Keys sporting their sequins
— Nashville-raised actress Reese Witherspoon talked about her former hometown some in Southern Living, and dropped a little love on (partly) East Side players Edley’s and Five Daughters. 
— The Scene checked in with the Porter Road Butcher boys to talk about five years of learning, growing, contracting and pivoting in the business of meat. Pretty great read.
— This go-'round, “Nashville’s original sexy patio party,” the Tea Dance, is on the East Side. Swing by Drifters (1008 Woodland) on Sunday, 3 to 10 p.m. for food and cocktail specials, DJs and more. 
That’s all for this week. East Nashville-connected news tips to share? Please email Nicole.

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