East Nashville news: healing arts, hand-cut fries and 'Rocky Horror'

This week, feeling good and feeling fed, plus music of the rock and classical varieties, and a little Rocky Horror to round it out. The latest installment of East Nashville News:

Feelin' Good in the Neighborhood

We've had a heap of new restaurant openings around here of late, but from time to time, we get a chance to address our bodies in ways other than putting food in 'em. On that note, some new East Nashville additions:

Karen Craven Acupuncture opened up in Riverside Village (1404B McGavock), specializing in allergy treatment and pain management via acupuncture (naturally) and herbal medicine. More info at the Karen Craven Acupuncture website.

And over at 1107 Gartland, Music City Healing Arts just opened up too, providing a whole bunch of massage options, from deep tissue to acupressure and Thai Yoga massage. More info at the Music City Healing Arts Facebook page.

Wait but also food

Oh, come on now, were we gonna go a week without hearing about a new East Nashville restaurant? That's just wacky.

Riverside Grill Shack has taken over the cozy 5258 Riverside roadside hut that once housed the much-missed Dee's Q and later, Eat Well Market.

Folks from the Uber-Tuber Hand Cut Fries food truck launched the Grill Shack, serving (you guessed it) hand-cut fries, along with burgers, hot sandwiches and more, with a focus on local ingredients. The early Yelp chatter is quite positive, too.

Chamber music in and from the neighborhood

From low-key eats to high-class sounds:

The Eastwood Ensemble is a volunteer neighborhood chamber music ensemble, working to provide those sounds outside the usual halls and campuses. To raise funds for future community projects, they're doing what they do: playing classical music for local classical music lovers.

On Nov. 3, neighbors the Cappelinos will host The Eastwood Ensemble Presents: Chamber Music Underground in their historic Eastwood Neighbors home. There'll be wine, snacks, Dvorak and Schumann, and lots of talk about the home's unique history.

Tickets are $20, available online through the Eastwood Ensemble.

Support the Roxy with 'Rocky Horror' screening

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Local group Save the Roxy Theater has a lot going on in their efforts to preserve that historical East Nashville space and revitalize the area surrounding it. Among those efforts: a Friday night outdoor The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening that'll offer a chance to enjoy the cult classic while celebrating all the wonderful weird that makes our neighborhood great.

The movie will be shown in the lot beside the theater (827 Meridian), starting at 7 p.m., and with a $5 donation, you'll snag a prop bag that facilitates full Rocky Horror participation. (Cheat sheet, if you need it.)

Two Guys in a Lunchbox will slinging food, too. Bring a blanket and practice your, dammit, Janets. More on Save the Roxy Theater's Facebook event page.

Stay tuned to the blog here for more on the Save the Roxy efforts, including Nov. 9's Roxy Revival event.

Meet the Wild Feathers

We encouraged meeting local band The Wild Feathers by putting them on our September/October cover, so makes sense that we'd dig this video series they have going, called, fittingly enough, "Meet the Wild Feathers."

Watch a sweet introductory video with drummer Ben Dumas below, and check the band's YouTube channel for more.


Lots more news, coming up. Stuff to share? Keep us posted!

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