East Nashville News: Green Wagon closing, Two Ten Jack expanding, more

The Green Wagon


Kind of a bummer week on the East Nashville brick-and-mortar business-news front; converserly, kind of a cool week on the East Nashville mobile business front.

On to the latest bit of East Nashville news:

Green Wagon closing, going mobile

Sad news for the many of us who loved walking through the cozy Forrest Ave. doors of the Green Wagon: After nearly six years of sharing local, sustainable products with East Nashville, the 5 Points location will shutter on Friday, August 29.
It’s not all bad news, though: Founder and CEO Jennifer Casale intends to transition the Green Wagon into something of a more moniker-fitting approach: a mobile shop. She expects to get that into shape over the fall, carrying many of the same products folks who frequented the brick-and-mortar shop are used to — including the bulk-product Filling Station. We’ll be tipped to the Wagon’s comings and goings via social media, much like our wandering food purveyors.
“Of course there is some sadness in knowing I won’t unlock this old wooden door and turn on the lights and welcome customers into this store anymore,” Casale said in a statement, “but there is also some serious excitement for the future. I recently asked myself why I started this shop. I thought back to my days as an environmental educator, when those initial images began firing in my head of a place like this existing --and the answer was that I never actually set out to open a store. I set out to create a resource for my community and to help start an important conversation that wasn’t really happening in a public setting yet in Nashville. Almost six years later, I am so amazed by the progress our city has made towards a more sustainable community. Not that I want to claim credit for that growth, but I feel like what I initially set out to do has begun, so it is a natural point to step back, maybe set some new goals, and evaluate where the business is heading in the future.”
Casale also plans to launch a new online buying-friendly Green Wagon website as she moves into the new incarnation of the business.
“This isn’t the end of the story,” she says. “Just a turn of the page.”

Electronic Adapters/Radio Shack in Inglewood closing

Radio Shack closing, James Haggerty
Another bit of closing news, shared by regular East Nashvillian contributor/bassist extraordinaire James “Hags” Haggerty: That stalwart Radio Shack/Electronic Adapters shop by the trestle as you roll into Inglewood is on its way out (his photo, above).
Per Hags, skyrocketing rent was the issue. The Radio Shack brand might’ve lost some cache in recent years, but the truth remains: When you need a super weird adaptor in a time crunch, few outlets served that need better. No news yet on what’s taking its place, though we’re still holding breath for Mitchell’s Non-Profit Dog Theater.
Pouring one out for you, Electronic Adapters.

Cafe Fundamental: “indefinite hiatus”

Dana Kopp Franklin at the Scene dropped news late last week that Cafe Fundamental, over by the Family Wash, was closing up for an “indefinite hiatus” while Chef Jamie Watson works on some new ventures, including a French bakery.
If we were judging by rock-band rules, hiatus means done. But restaurant rules? Who knows, we may see the doors reopen for regular hours again. Regardless, as health concerns were part of the decision, here’s hoping for Watson’s recuperation.

Putting the Two in Two Ten Jack

Well that was quick: Mere months after opening their 1900 Eastland Ave. location, East Side izakaya Two Ten Jack is getting ready for location No. 2. But sorry, elsewhere in Nashville, you ain’t gettin’ this one. It’s our scenic neighbor Chattanooga.
An update from the TTJ folks notes that the ‘Nooga location will be in that city’s Warehouse Row, weighing in at a comfortable 4,800 square feet. As a frequent Chattanooga visitor, both thumbs, enthusiastically up. Congrats, Two Ten Jack!

Nest 615 opens

More on the good news front: We mentioned new neighbors Nest 615 recently, and boy howdy does owner Ginger Lee work fast. The doors have already opened at the Shoppes On Fatherland, Suite 305, with furniture and baubles and other such home stuff on offer. 
More info/hours at the Nest 615 Facebook page

Outdoor movies aplenty

Enjoy an al fresco film screening? This ain’t a bad couple weeks for your kind. Coming up:
On Friday (June 27), the Save the Roxy Theater folks will host an outdoor screening of Independence Day in the lot beside the theater (827 Meridian St.), starting at 7:30 p.m. (around sundown). Viewing is free, just bring along a blanket and some tissues (America, you guys).
Then on Sunday, July 13, things get real. Or surreal, as it were. Grassy Knoll Movie Nights brings out The Neverending Story for a screening in the lot next to Bongo Java (109 S. 11th). Bring your most Falcor-looking dog and whatever tissues you have left over from Independence Day, because the Swamp of Sadness ain’t getting less sad.
As always, GKMN screenings are $5 (or $4 with a canned food donation for Second Harvest). Young folks 12 and under are a buck. 

The ‘best Happy Hour in town’

This week, regular East Nashvillian contributor Daryl Sanders took a deep look into East Side treasure Tim Carroll’s weekly “Rock ’n Roll Happy Hour” at The 5 Spot, a masterful musician-studded happening that, from Sanders’ point of view, is an absolute don’t-miss. 
So, good news, here’s how you can not miss it: Tim Carroll Rock'n Roll Happy Hour runs 6 to 8 p.m. Fridays at The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest Ave.) Go, listen, drink, enjoy.

Urban Green Lab: also going mobile

Those of us who’ve been around here a few minutes likely remember that the folks behind Urban Green Lab — who’ve been working to spread the word about sustainability in town for some time now — were initially set to have a static home right around Riverside Village. That plan changed a while back, but they’ve still been plenty busy hosting educational events and supporting the good word of green living.
Having a home was apparently still a desire, though, and plans now are to develop a mobile learning lab that’ll serve as such. And toward that end, the Green Lab folks are hosting a fundraising event this Saturday.
The event — held at the Harding Place home of Randy and Michael Gross— includes drinks, food, live music and the unveiling of some drawings of the mobile learning lab.
If you’d like to attend, tickets are $50, available online.

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