East Nashville News: Galena Garlic Company, Walk Eat Nashville, Jagermeister's pop-up office and more

This week, we’ve got spicy new neighbors, another home TV star in our midst, a fresh food tour and more.
On to the latest East Nashville News: 


Galena Garlic Company opens on the East Side

The Shoppes on Fatherland welcomed a new, food-friendly face recently: Galena Garlic Company, who’ve spread this way from Illinois, bringing gourmet spice blends, rubs and seasonings (some 200-plus of ’em) and ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils.
The company’s roots (figuratively and sorta literally) trace back to growing garlic on a family farm in Illinois, and in the 13 or so years since it began, Galena Garlic has cropped up in a mix of small Midwest towns.
East Nashville shop captain Nina Marton tells us our Southern charm made quick work of wooing her this way.
“I visited Nashville in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the city,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to move here and bring Galena Garlic to East Nashville. When I visited, I noticed the sense of community in East Nashville immediately. We have stores in a lot of small towns. None of them are as big as Nashville, yet there was such a strong culture in the East Nashville neighborhood. It was something that I have never felt in any of the other towns that we have our businesses in… Not to knock the other towns, but it seems that everyone just wants to see people succeed in East Nashville — not always the case when it comes to the business world.”
On the Nashville shop’s shelves, you’ll find olive oils from all around the world, vinegars from Modena, Italy, 40 different sea salts, lots of kinds of peppercorns and more. Come harvest time in August, a bunch of that titular fresh garlic will join, too. That stuff’s still grown in Illinois, but we may see some Nashville flavor down the line.
“I’m hoping to plant in Tennessee soon,” Marton says. “There are over 50 different varieties of garlic, and I am excited to see the differences in which variates grow better here than in Illinois.” 
The big focus at Galena Garlic, though, is the spice blends and seasonings, created with an aim of making gourmet cooking a little more approachable.
“No one has time to cook these days so we have the blends and seasonings ready for you to sprinkle on to meat, fish or vegetables,” says Marton. “No recipes needed, keeping everything super simple so people are not intimidated in the kitchen.”
For more, swing by the shop (Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 11 to 5) and/or hit up the Galena Garlic Nashville Facebook page.


Walk Eat Nashville adds second East Side food tour

Familiar with local walking food-tour company Walk Eat Nashville? It was launched by longtime East Sider Karen-Lee Ryan, and includes a little walking, a lot of eating, in various parts of Nashville.
Walk Eat’s first tour, naturally, was here in the neighborhood, stopping at neighborhood favorites including Lockeland Table, Marche, Margot and Pied Piper Creamery. You wander between stops, pop in for tastings and get a visit from a chef/owner/other representative, who regales you with tales about the place you’re sitting in. You leave mildly exercised, majorly informed and just a little stuffed. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Come April 2 (tentatively), there’ll be a new Walk Eat Nashville East Nashville tour that spreads the love a little further, with stops at the new Pub at The Basement East (one of their new brunch dishes pictured above), the new Turnip Truck Natural Market, the new Family Wash and Garage Coffee, Edley’s Bar-B-Que East and other spaces.
If you’re wondering why, as an East Nashvillian, you might want to take an East Nashville food tour, some thoughts. 
We were invited to join the test run of the new tour, and a few things were clear: Ryan’s a pro storyteller and an out-and-out East Nashville expert, and the details she shares as you walk and explore the neighborhood are just as fun as the flavors. (No, really. OK, almost as fun.) Taking a Walk walk gives you a deeper understanding of our neighborhood’s history, and this is particularly true on the new tour.
She organized this one around the concept of change, visiting spaces with stories that embody something that East Nashville’s long been undergoing. 
There’s Mike Grimes of The Basement East, whose Slow Bar helped encourage the Five Points renaissance. There’s The Turnip Truck, which brought natural foods to a neighborhood that didn’t have much of that to speak of. There’s Edley’s’ Fluffo hub home, which has grown from a vacant former mattress depot to a buzzing corner of vitality. Along the walk, you learn about the whos and whats and whens and whys, and then cram a bunch of delicious stuff in your head. Win/win.
If you’re new to East Nashville and would like to get to know your home better, either of the East Nashville tours: effective way to do so. If you have visitors in town and would like to show off why you chose this place: ditto.
The OG East Nashville tours run Thursdays and Fridays, 1:30 p.m. and 11 a.m. respectively. The new tour’s Saturdays at 11 a.m.
Tickets for the three-hour, approximately 1 1/2-mile tours run $53-$58 and include tastings at six stops and lots of meets and greets and learnings. 
Grab more info (and/or tickets) at the Walk Eat Nashville website.

Jägermeister opens pop-up agency office 

Have an interest in making a career in marketing? You have a chance to get a boost from an unlikely benefactor: The folks behind Jägermeister, who’ve launched many a hangover, are launching a project that’ll give a handful of aspiring marketing execs the chance to learn on the job, running a local campaign.
That campaign, called Concept56, will be based out of a pop-up office here in the neighborhood, designed by Kate Mills of Kate Mills Designs (a name many an East Sider will know from vintage haunt Old Made Good). 
While the chosen team members work on the campaign — with an aim to “design and produce the event of a lifetime” — they’ll be getting coached by local marketing-co pros (FoxFuel Creative, redpepper, ST8MNT) and participating in “inspiration sessions” with inspirational Nashville folks like The Basement’s Mike Grimes and Show This’ Andrew Mischke. The job is salaried, and it’ll take up at least three days a week, May through October.   
Intrigued? You can get in the running for the five open positions — project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer and event manager — by applying on the Concept56 website and sharing your nickname and your favorite meat and three order and stuff (true story).
You need to be 21 or older, and the application deadline is April 8. Just try not to… Jäger bomb the interview. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

‘Nashville Flipped’ premieres on DIY Network in April

Remember how last week we were talking about a new HGTV show that'll feature a bunch of East Nashville homes/homeowners? Let’s switch over this week to the DIY Network, who’ll have a little East Nashville love to give this spring too.
The new Nashville Flipped show — focused on the East Nashville-based historic-home-fixer-upper company of the same name — premieres on that network on Wednesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. Central. 
Over its first nine-episode run, contractor Troy Dean Shafer, designer Julie Couch and their team will tackle a bunch of seen-better-days homes and bring them back to their former glory.
“Everybody knows Nashville has a rich music history, but just like every great song, every historic house has a story to tell,” Shafer said in a release. “I love to get to the heart of these homes and bring them back to life. I update them with modern materials, but I always stay true to the original design and character.”
The premiere episode isn't set around here (it focuses on a 1904 Victorian in Springfield), but we’d put money on the fact that we’ll see the neighborhood a few times this season — both of the up-for-sale homes listed on Nashville Flipped website are over this way, if that’s any indication.  
To keep up with the latest happenings, drop a Like on the Nashville Flipped Facebook page.

World Record-holding comics shoot for documentary 

This year, the guilty parties behind the original Broken Record Show — comedians DJ Buckley and Chad Riden and The East Room’s Ben Jones — are not only planning to shatter their own record (by five minutes), they’re aiming to capture it for posterity in a documentary.  
The eight-day Broken Record Comedy Show part two is set for May 15 through 23, again at The East Room, and as the organizers/comics are gearing up for the show, they’re also gearing up to make a film that chronicles said show, by launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund it.
They’re looking to gather tools (cameras, storage, etc.) to make the filming and editing possible. Wanna help? Perks for various donation levels range all the way from fancy all-access laminates to a delicious can of Fresca.
To learn more/get involved/back the project, drop by the Broken Record Show Documentary Indiegogo page

Learn pasta skills at Lockeland Table 

All that olive oil and spice-rubs talk up top got you thinking about flexing some kitchen muscle? A fun opportunity to expand your skill set, coming up soon: Chef Hal Holden-Bache is holding a Lessons in Pasta class on April 30, 10 a.m. to noon at Lockeland Table, and as of this posting, there were still some spots left.
During the class, you’ll learn to make pasta, make filling for ravioli and make marinara and carbonara sauces. And bonus: You’ll take home a bag of East Nashville’s own Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. pasta too, along with a bunch of recipes.
Tickets are $55 per person, and class size is limited to 30. Want in? 615-228-4864. Lockeland Table is located at 1520 Woodland.


— Getting ready to get your garden going? Mark down April 3… The students at Maplewood High have been hard at work on their own garden space, with the hopes of helping to make fresh, affordable produce more accessible in the community. They’ll be hosting a donation-based seedling sale to raise funds for that garden, with lil’ tomatoes, peppers, kale and other greens on offer, 2 to 4 p.m. (or until they sell out). 401 Walton Lane, 37216.
— Big congrats to the new Nashville Urban Cowboy B&B on Woodland, who, word around the campfire says, just soft opened. Take a spin through the Urban Cowboy website to see how the old Top O' Woodland has been reimagined. Pretty serious wow.
That’s all for this week. Have East Nashville news tips you’d like to share? Please feel encouraged — urged, even — to email Nicole.

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