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This week, we're excited to see some long-awaited stuff coming -- a long-gestating documentary, late-night pizza -- plus a new smoothie stop, big blog love for East Side homes, a prominent East Nashville singer-turned-Swedish acting phenom... lots of places to go, faces to see, things to do, much of it timely. So we'll get to it.

On to our latest bit of East Nashville news:

The Post gets closer

We mentioned a few times a little while back that a coffee/juice/smoothie shop called The Post was set for 1701 Fatherland St., and progress there is moving right along.

The Post folks just posted a pre-buildout photo, shown above, and word around the campfire is that they're eyeing April for an opening date. Looking good, Post.

Late-night slices, on the way

We are, to just slightly undersell it, a food-loving neighborhood. So it wasn't too much of a surprise that news of Five Points Pizza expanding and opening a late-night slice window got people STOKED this week, when East Side cap'n awesome Jack Silverman spread the word in the Scene.

Five Points Pizza followed up with "true story," and then presumably dropped the mic.

Check Bites for all of Silverman's details, but the fine points: slice window on Woodland, aim is to stay open until bars close, opening (hopefully) by Tomato Art Fest

StarChefs chats with 'rising star' David Mitchell

Mitchell Delicatessen opened its new space at 1306 McGavock in December, and that was exciting, and StarChefs.com recently dubbed Mitchell's David Mitchell a 2014 "rising star," and stokitude was, again, high.

Little rumblings about what's happening with the old space have been going around, and then this little public snippet from StarChefs, chatting with said rising star, popped up. 

"We're working out something with the old space," Mitchell said. "We'll probably do house-made sausages for a sausage shop. … We'll probably focus on a market, do sausages here, all local whole hog sausage. Then we'll try to utilize [the new] space to supplement the space down the street."

Intriguing. We'll get some words from the horse's mouth ASAP, but that don't sound too shabby. 


'East Side of the River' is Here

We've been looking forward to the completion of the documentary East Side of the River -- and its book companion -- since we first got word of director Ron Coons' steps toward it back in 2012. The aim, Coons said, was to comprehensively capture the world-class musicianship tucked away in our neighborhood. Interviews were done with East Side musicians, photos were captured by Coons and uber-talented East Side photog John Partipilo, and the calendar flipped -- partly, we imagine, 'cause there's a whole lot to cover here.

Finally, some great news: We get to put our eyes on East Side of the River, right here in the neighborhood.

Tonight (Feb. 20), UnBound Arts' Third Thursdays at The Building hosts the first public screening of the film, the debut of the photo book and an art show with selected portraits from that book. The art show starts at 7, the film at 8:30 p.m., and admission is $5 at the door. More at Unbound Arts' Facebook event page.

Watch the official trailer above (just ignore that "coming in 2013" part). Huge congrats, Ron and collaborators.

East Nashville Radio hosts a happy hour spectacular

While we're on the subject of music: East Nashville Radio shows consistent love for the singers and players around here (their mission: "to play the coolest music from a city that crafts more great music than people ever get to hear"). In an effort to keep the music playing, the ENR folks are having something of a benefit show here in the neighborhood on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest).

The East Nashville Radio Happy Hour Spectacular runs 5-7:30 p.m., and includes performances from Tommy Womack, Chelle Rose, Rod Picott and the Wild Ponies. More at ENR's Facebook Event page

The Spectacular Printacular back at Barista Parlor

Spectacular Printacular

While we're on the subject of spectaculars: Isle of Printing's been doing some pretty incredible (spectacular?) stuff in town of late (seen the installation at Pinewood Social?), including a mess of events here in the neighborhood.

Next on the list: A poster fair -- the Spectacular Printacular Vol. II -- at Barista Parlor on Saturday, Feb. 22. Pop by Barista (519 Gallatin) from 7 to 10 p.m. to peruse and purchase prints from some of Nashville's best, from IOP to letterpress titans Hatch Show Print and some megatalented East Siders (including Sawtooth Printhouse).

More info at the Printacular blog

Celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day at Smokers Abbey

Did you know that Feb. 20 is International Pipe Smoking Day? If you didn't, now you do. And should you choose to celebrate it in full dude style, here's a perfect option:

Nashville's Southern Fried Pipe Club hosts an IPSD celebration at East Nashville's hub of fine tobacco love, Smokers Abbey (604 Gallatin, Suite 102), starting at 4 p.m. There, you can enjoy a remarkable array of cigars and, from 6:30 until they run out, grab free wings from Thunderbird wings. The Pipe Club folks say it's the "best damn chicken you ever had," so we're gonna guess you'll wanna be prompt for the wings. 

Also, we truly enjoyed this photo.

Follow up with the MDHA

If you missed the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency's last meeting about the Five Points Redevelopment Plan and its land use restrictions, there's a follow-up set for Thursday, Feb. 27.

The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m., and it's held at the Main Street Gallery at Paro South Creative Suites (625 Main St.). (Enter in the back of the building.) 

Grab rewards from Boone & Sons and Riverside Village Pharmacy

Our friends at Boone & Sons are continuing to build their grocery and prepared foods empire over at 1201 Porter, and they're enticing repeat visitors with a cool rewards program. 

General gist is a $10 reward for $100 spent, but as a Valentine's gift, they're offering $10 for $50. Check out the B&S mailing list missive for sign-up info/links.

Riverside Village Pharmacy, meanwhile, is lovin' on us with a $10 gift certificate if you refer a friend.

Fabulous frames and free beer

Otto's Framing Co.

East Nashville's Otto's Framing Co. makes some seriously impressive custom frames, and they'll be showing off some work during a gallery showing at the East Tattoo Collective (2913 Gallatin Pike) on Feb. 23 from 4 to 8 p.m. And yes, there will be free beer -- Yazoo, specifically.

Check out Otto's Framing's stuff at OttoFrames.com.

DesignSponge likes our handsome houses

Well-loved blog DesignSponge has been showing lots of East Nashville love lately. If you're into design and/or home ogling, take a spin through Michael and Mandy Pellegrin's East Side home on the site, then peep Jodi Hays and Felix Gresham's Five Points place. They're quite handsome, both.

Our Own Bohemian Circus

If you're looking to get weird tonight (Feb, 20): Boheme Collectif (919 Gallatin, Suite 8) hosts a local talent free-for-all called Bohemian Circus Playground, starting at 8:30 p.m. Expect a figurative splatterpainting of entertaining abilities -- music, comedy, poetry, hula hooping, "special guests" -- depending on who shows up to show off.

You can lend your talents (show up at 8 to sign up) or just watch and hang. Cover's $5, and you can, as they say, B your own B. More at the Facebook event page.

For the Vinyl Lovers

While we're talking Boheme Collectif: Vinyl hounds might wanna mark the calendar for Saturday, Feb. 22, when the Collectif hosts a Vinyl & Music Lovers Meet… meet-up. 

Two floors of vinyl, DJ sets, etc., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., 919 Gallatin. More on Facebook.

'Explore the hip neighborhoods of Nashville'

Kinda fun to see how the state, tourismically speaking, sells our fine city to traveling visitors. Newsflash, East Nashville: We're "one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods."

This is actually a pretty nice little round-up of stuff to do in our neighborhood -- might save you a few minutes of recommending when a visiting friend asks what they oughtta do.  

In case you're low on Samoas

The industrious young Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee wrap up cookie season on March 2. Got an empty freezer? Did you know there's an app for that? Here, locate your Thin Mints. You're most welcome.

Oh and also...

Have we mentioned that Elizabeth Cook is one of the leads in a Swedish Web series? Her onscreen game is growing, y'all.

That's the East Nashville news for now. Have any to share? Please reach out. Wanna make sure you're seeing all this biz? Joining the East Nashvillian newsletter is a surefire way.


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