East Nashville News: DJ Dan Auerbach at 308, Wild Feathers on 'Nashville,' more

Blackbirds Charity Party at 308
This has nothing to do with the East Nashville news we're about to share, but Tenn Sixteen's Wednesday night special is a a deep fried pork fritter with a fried biscuit and habanero/pear preserves, so if you see a bunch of typos here, forgive me, I'm a little distracted.
Lots of really worthwhile, fun and/or useful events coming up in the neighborhood, many of which are captured here, along with neighborhood savings, neighbors on Nashville and some less awesome neighborhood news. On to it:

Fight Breast Cancer With DJ Dan Auerbach

Black Keys fan? Here's a compelling reason to spend your Sunday night at No. 308 this week: Keys voice Dan Auerbach will be among the DJs providing sounds at the latest 308/Blackbirds GMA monthly charity party.
Human being? Here's an even more compelling reason: The March event -- starting at 9 p.m. this Sunday -- will raise funds for the Breast Cancer Fund and support their work to expose/eliminate environmental causes of the disease.
Also on the DJ docket: Russ Pollard of the band Everest and singer-songwriter Caleb Owens. Swing by starting at 9 p.m., listen to some music, drink some drinks and, with credit to 308, "save some boobies."

Catch Cover Boys The Wild Feathers on 'Nashville'

We couldn't be more stoked to see our music issue cover stars The Wild Feathers continuing to wow folks around the land, including TV land. According to the band, they really worked the acting chops for this week's episode of ABC's Nashville (Wednesdays at 9), portraying Nashville band The Wild Feathers. 
The episode hadn't aired as of this posting, but we're crossing fingers for some real-deal screen time for the local guys-done-good. Congrats, Feathers. Just be careful around Juliette. Hear she's trouble or something.
If you missed it on the TV, you can watch Nashville episodes on the Internet, too.

Snag Savings at The Main Attraction East

Main Attraction East
The folks over at The Main Attraction East Fine Goods Emporium (937 Woodland) have a big ol' winter sale going right now, with 30 to 50 percent off most apparel and select pieces of other merchandise.
If you haven't been by, they carry a mix of new and vintage stuff, from clothing to jewelry and home goods. All-around well-curated and cool. More from the Main Attraction East on Facebook

From The Dept. of Dude Stuff

Smokers Abbey poker nights
Our friends over at Smokers Abbey have been providing East Nashville with fine tobacco products for some months now, and they've developed a local following because of it. No dummies, the Abbey folks: They're also hosting regular events to make your cigar-purchase trip more of an event.
If you're a lady or gentleman who enjoys getting seriously man cave-y -- i.e. smoking cigars and playing poker -- they've got just the thing: Poker Night Tuesdays at the shop (604 Gallatin, Ste. 102). Which include playing poker. On Tuesdays. In a shop full of cigars.
This past Tuesday included two games (one at 7 p.m., the second at 8:30), but keep up with Smokers Abbey events by joining their mailing list

Responsibly Ditch Your Tech Trash

East By E-Waste
Who among us doesn't have an ancient desktop computer or pathetically pokey printer cluttering up our basement or closet? 
It can be tricky, ditching that stuff in a way that's environmentally responsible and/or doesn't give you visions of weird basement hackers pulling up your decade-old search history. (That happens, right?)
Should you want to get a jump on your spring cleaning, mark down Saturday, March 22's East By E-Waste event, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the East Lit parking lot (110 Gallatin). Beyond doing away with all your old tech junk, you can also shred documents, drop off glass, unused prescription drugs and bulk items (like furniture) and donate clothing and shoes. Plus we hear you'll be able to snag a food-truck snack while you're at it.

Thrifty Threads Closing

Bummertimes about and well wishes to the folks at Thrifty Threads Ladies Consignment Shop in Riverside Village, who'll be closing their doors as of March 31.
As they prepare for the closure, the shop is hosting a big sale, with deep discounts on clothing, furniture, lamps, pictures, rugs -- pretty much their stuff, floor to ceiling. Nothing is marked over $20, a Facebook missive said.
The shop's at 1309 McGavock, and hours are Tuesday - Friday 11 to 5:30, Saturday 10:30 to 5.

Set Your Alarm, Beer Fest Fans

Beer aficionados: Don't forget, tix for the East Nashville Beer Fest go on sale Friday, Feb. 28 at 9 a.m. Fest is April 5 in East Park.

Mark Your Calendar, Health-conscious Runners 

Since we're (kinda about to be) warming up (right?) and more of us will likely be out there running, a heads up from Nashville Running Company: Results Physiotherapy will be by the store Monday, March 3, offering complimentary injury screenings, so fleet-feeted friends can be proactive about any lingering injuries that might be hiding and/or worsening.
Those folks will be by from 5 to 7 p.m., taking 15-minute appointments. Nashville Running Company is at 1105 Woodland.

Love a Good Story? Meet the Great Eastern

The Great Eastern
It's not sacrilege to admit it: In a town full of musicians, sometimes it's nice to hear a good story told without musical accompaniment. 
The Great Eastern gatherings at the Cult Fiction Underground (under Logue's Black Raven Emporium) focus on non-song-type storytelling, with themed monthly events that you can contribute to or just enjoy. 
Wednesday March 5's installment includes folks sharing stories around the theme of "school" -- experiences, memories, anything that stuck or sticks with you as a student or teacher. Most stories are under five minutes; organizers are still looking for storytellers who just want a minute or two to share.
Hit up GreatEasternNashville(at)gmail(dot)com if you'd like to contribute (with a little info about your story and how much time you'd need); drop by at 7 p.m. if you'd just like to take it in.
That's it for this installment -- if you're an East Nashville business type (or an East Nashvillian person-type) with news to share, please, share it. We'd love to hear about what you have going.

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