East Nashville News: cult classics, cold beer and locals getting national love

Yum East 2013 by Nicole Keiper


This week, we ended up with a lot related to music, movies, locals getting praised nationally and locals doing good locally. And what would an East Nashville news roundup be without somebody dropping the H-word?

On to it:

Yum! East participants are coming together

Last year's Yum! East festival (pictured above) was a great time, stocked with lots of great food from a ton of top East Nashville food providers.
This year's event is shaping up to be another fine one. Neighborhood eateries include Edley's East, Pomodoro East, Two Ten Jack, Yeast Nashville and many others have already signed on to share their wares at Pavilion East on June 5.
Keep up with the participants on Yum! East's Facebook page.

Another chance to hit 'East Side of the River'

We told you recently about an introductory screening of East Side of the River, a documentary captured by East Sider Ron Coons that focuses on our neighborhood's music makers.
Another neighborhood screening is scheduled for The Family Wash on April 16. We'll have lots more about the documentary soon -- stay tuned to this corner of the Internet.

Mickey's Tavern and a "Cold Beer With Your Name On It"

On the subject of music and moving pictures: Folks who frequent lovable East Nashville dive Mickey's Tavern will recognize the cozy environs in the new video from country singer Josh Thompson. Song title's pretty fitting, too. Take a look:

Cult music movies at Cult Fiction Underground

Might as well stay on this topic: If you're a diehard rock-music appreciator, good chance you've heard of cult classic Get Crazy, a musical comedy starring Lou Reed, John Densmore of The Doors, Bobby Sherman… Ed Begley Jr. It kinda focuses on a money-hungry do-badder who wants to tear down a historic building to replace it with some modern monstrosity. Crazy wild fiction, right!?
Cult Fiction Underground at Logue's Black Raven Emporium, always a provider of under-the-radar film goodness, will screen Get Crazy on Friday, March 7
Then Saturday, CFU screens Rock 'n' Roll High School, surely one of the finest mash-ups of rock music and moviedom to ever occur, starring lots of people and also the dang Ramones.
Showtimes are 8 p.m., and Logue's/Cult Fiction Underground = 2915 Gallatin Pike.

Martha Stewart love for Film Box-er

Austin Gros in Martha Stewart Weddings
From moving pictures to still ones: We wrote about East Nashville photography haven The Film Box a few months back, and it's an endeavor that's worthy of attention, for sure  
We're surely not the only ones who think The Film Box folks are doing cool stuff -- Martha Stewart Weddings just praised The Film Box's Austin Gros as a top wedding photographer. Big congrats, Austin. 

Fanny's 5th Birthday Party is almost here

We chatted with Fanny's House of Music recently, to celebrate the occasion of their fifth year of providing musical goodness to East Nashville. Fanny's actual celebration of that occasion -- their five-year anniversary party -- is coming up Saturday, March 8.
The shindig runs 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the shop (1101 Holly), and will include live music, refreshments and, at 2 p.m., the unveiling of a commissioned painting by local artist Scott Guion, meant as a “permanent installation reflecting the mission and values of the store.”
Congrats, Fanny's -- East Nashville wouldn't be East Nashville without you.

A few ways to do good in the neighborhood

If we, as a neighborhood, are defined by anything, it's attention to community, and all that that word entails. Helping neighbors is, of course, a big part of what that word entails.
A few ways to pitch in around East Nashville in the coming weeks:
Give Me 10 is "a community-led movement to address the issue of hunger among children in East Nashville."
It's a positive, unique way to observe spring break -- students in our community will have 10 days off, and, says the Give Me 10 folks: "In most East Nashville schools between 82 and 98 percent of students are on free or reduced lunch. Many of these children also live in areas classified as 'food deserts.'" Organizers are turning toward neighbors to help make sure those students get nutritious food. 
They're looking for contributions of 10 -- whether it's $10 worth of groceries, 10 food items to donate, a $10 gift card, on and on. Info on drop-off points and online donation options and the like are at the Give Me 10 Facebook page. More info at the Give Me 10 website.
Then something a little more about the actual ground we walk on:
A South Inglewood Park rain garden is in the works, via efforts from The Tennessee Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Cumberland River Compact, Metro Parks, and Metro Water Services, and Hands on Nashville is seeking volunteers to bring it to life. 
On Saturday, April 12, HON and friends (including you, if you like) will be digging, planting native species and creating something beneficial for Inglewood and East Nashvillians. 
Why a rain garden, you ask? They can help keep pollutants out of our water system, provide water for local plantlife, provide a habitat for helpful creatures, and look real pretty. A little more info on rain gardens, if you want.
Check the Hands on Nashville page if you'd like to participate.

CMT shines a light on The 5 Spot

The 5 Spot Country & Western Wednesday
CMT's more Americana-friendly sister, CMT Edge, showed some love for The 5 Spot's Country & Western Wednesdays.
It's "something special" from a "tight-knit community" in a "smoky club" and also it's "happening" (in the literal sense, not the slang one). Pretty cool. Take a read/look at some fun photos of Jerry Pentecost, Nikki Lane, Caitlin Rose and others engaging in both kinds of music.

This week in The H-word

It's not a week in East Nashville if somebody on the Internet doesn't call us hipsters. So: Travel site TravelChicks.tv stopped by, listed up "The Top East Nashville Places to Eat (That The Tourists Don't Know About)" and included some great neighborhood spaces that all the tourists know about. Also, "This is the side of town where art meets grit meets local handspun hipster." 
Like many bloggers' and pubs' recent East Side round-ups, it's a good piece of shorthand if you wanna tip visitors to some worthwhile stops without having to expend any effort. 

Barista Parlor is a top shop, says Epicurious

In other East Nashville on the Internet news, big congrats are due to Barista Parlor, named one of America's 25 Best Coffee Shops by Epicurious, probably one of America's 25 best food websites. The offerings at BP, says the accompanying blurb, "represent the top of Nashville's creative class." And great joy of joys, the word hipster isn't used once. 
That's it for this installment. As always, if you have East Nashville news to share, we'd love to hear it.

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