East Nashville News: changes at Bagel Face, learning with Olive & Sinclair, more

Bagel Face Bakery
End-of-week greetings, neighbors. First, some East Nashvillian related biz: If you were looking to get your ad in our biggest-of-the-year Tomato Art Fest issue, there’s still a little time. Reach out to Lisa McCauley, but do it soon, since we’re getting ready to start crossing Is and dotting Ts and stuff soon.
Tom Hanks wasn’t here this week, but we managed to quell or disappointment long enough to round up some East Nashville news happenings. On to it:

Big changes at Bagel Face

Fans of East Nashville’s Bagel Face Bakery and their texturally and tastily wonderful round baked goods should expect to see some new faces around those parts. Partners Rae Schobel and Kristen Skruber dropped the news via social medias this week: “The time has come for us to move in a new direction.”
Does that mean Bagel Face is shutting down? Nope.
“Do not despair, bagel aficionados! Although Kristen & Rae are making tracks elsewhere, Bagel Face will continue on and we will never be far away from the action,” reads a post from the partners. “Trust that we wouldn’t leave you bageless! We searched high and low to find a capable new partner to come in and take over daily operations.”
While Kristen is headed to grad school, Rae will hang around through the transition some.
“Bagel Face will always be our baby and we appreciate the love and support the community has given to us over the years,” the post says. “We’ve loved being a part of your bagel lives, thank you for everything. Your face was probably made for our bagels.”
Pop by 700 Main St. to snag a bagel and to share well wishes, and read more about Bagel Face at their website.

The Post and friends are open for business

Wolfe Gourmet Cakes
We mentioned last week that The Post cafe and smoothie and juice bar was about to open at 1701 Fatherland. What we didn’t mention was the fact that they’re not alone in that fresh-faced storefront.
Along with The Post’s drinkable concoctions, you can also snag all kinds of savory and sweet baked goods from the mega-talented Wolfe Gourmet Cakes, as well as gluten-free breads and pastries from Artemis Breads.
Hours are 7 to 7 Monday and Wednesday through Sunday. More at The Post’s Facebook page.

Bonnaroo-bound? Check with Eastside Legal

Listen, we’re not trying to say that people go to Bonnaroo to indulge in anything other than the live expressions of the world’s finest musicians. That said, if you’re about to head Manchester way and are concerned about any “trouble” that might arise, Eastside Legal is here to help. From those folks:
“East Nashville Friends and Neighbors -- for all of you going to Bonnaroo this weekend: Eastside Legal is offering free legal consultations for anyone wanting to know how to avoid trouble (best ways to avoid a car stop/search, what to say to an officer, and how to keep your rights intact). And of course, if you DO get in trouble, we are always here for you. We are running our usual Bonnaroo Special - $420 for a simple possession charge. Call us at (615) 600-4577 and ask for Sunny or Kevin.”
420! Get it!? Anyhoo, if you’re getting ready to leave, enjoy your Roo responsibly, hydrate, get some sleep and whatever you do, don’t walk through any puddles in flip-flops.

Gwil Owen’s work showing at Belcourt

Gwil Owen
You might’ve read about artist, songwriter, and Howlin’ Books co-owner Gwil Owen, and eyed some of his vibrant and affecting artwork, in our most recent issue. Wanna see some of that work in person? Good news: You can, at The Belcourt, this month.
Owen’s “Hiraeth: Homesick for a place that never was” is up in the Belcourt gallery (2102 Belcourt Ave.) through June 30. Stop by, enjoy, grab a glass of wine, enjoy a film. Not a bad way to spend a few hours, we’d say.

Fun stuff from/for Olive & Sinclair

It’s a generous wizard who shares his secrets. If you’ve ever thought that you might like to know how to make an Olive & Sinclair chocolate treat, good news: Founder Scott Witherow is hosting a class on Thursday, June 19 at the new Germantown home of our friends The Skillery, during which the secrets to making O&S’ salumi-shaped chocolate Chocuterie will be divulged.
You’ll learn the tricks to making the trademark O&S treats while using seasonal ingredients to develop your own custom flavor. Fun times. Tickets run $45-$50, available through The Skillery.
In other fun Olive & Sinclair news, those folks were just given a Beautification Award from Chamber East, and apparently also had a visit from The New York Times. Hmm, maybe the national media’s found out about East Nashville. [clownhorn honk]

Congrats to growing Nashville Running Company

Nashville Running Co
While we may be a little home-focused, it’s always great to see a neighborhood-bred business succeed and stretch out. So congrats to Nashville Running Company, whose 1105 Woodland St. shop is about to get a baby sister (or brother) at 6021 Hwy 100
The new West Side NRC location is set to open June 16. But we’re gonna go ahead and predict that — even just on the strength of East Nasty love alone — the Woodland St. location’s always gonna be mom and dad’s fave.

Otis Gibbs soundtracks your Father’s Day

If you’re looking to bring out some Father’s Day feels, take a look at the below video from East Nashville songwriter, storyteller and Thanks For Giving A Damn podcast host Otis Gibbs, for his song “Ghosts Of Our Fathers.”

American Songwriter premiered the video on their site, and Gibbs shared a few thoughts about the inspiration behind the song. 
“Every friend I’ve ever had would pull me aside and tell me how cool my dad was (and they were right),” he said. “There wasn’t a single moment of my childhood that I didn’t feel protected and loved. The greatest lessons I learned from my father came when he didn’t even know I was watching. This song is inspired by memories of those moments.”
Dang, y’all. Give your dads a hug.
That’s all for this week. As always, if you’d like to share some East Nashville news, we’re all eyes. Drop a line.

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