East Nashville News: Buses, Base Ball, parties and more

In our corner, the big news of the week was our latest issue hitting the street -- really hope you guys are enjoying our March-April 2014 edition of The East Nashvillian. We're proud to have it out and about.
Elsewhere, there's been some interesting stuff brewing in East Nashville, from parties to pop-ups to a new approach to getting around. Take a gander at the latest crop of East Nashville news:

Take a ride on the Nymbus?

One of the most talked-about East Nashville-related topics of the week is a yet in-the-works project called Nymbus, aiming to be an "alternative transportation system" specifically in and for East Nashville. 
That alternative, specifically, would be a private bus system that looped through our neighborhood, with a particularly East Nashville twist, each bus being designed and outfitted by local artists and craftspeople and featuring a mini-market stocked with local and regional treats.
The Nymbus service area is meant to loop from the pedestrian bridge through to the major destinations around the neighborhood, including Five Points, Riverside Village, Porter Crossing and elsewhere, expanding as East Nashville does. For starters, they want to run a late-night service, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., at $3 a ride/$9 for a night. If all goes well, that'll expand into daytime service as well.
The team behind Nymbus is turning to crowdfunding service Indiegogo to raise $175,000 in start-up funds, "to reflect the grassroots, community-driven attitude of Nashville's East Side." Contributors can snag perks that range from single-ride tickets to forever passes and lots of in-betweens.
Learn more about the project at the Nymbus website (from which the image up top was snagged) and Nymbus Facebook page, and check out the Nymbus Indiegogo campaign if you're interested in contributing.

Welcome, Five Points Cocina Mexicana

Five Points Cocina Mexicana
Another subject of neighborhood excitement this week: New restaurant Five Points Cocina Mexicana opened up Tuesday at 972 Main St., with a menu focused on fresh ingredients and influences from Mexican and South American cuisines.
Says their Facebook page: The Cocina is currently open 10 to 10 Sunday through Thursday; 10 to 11 Friday and Saturday. Check 'em out at Facebook.

Root, root root for the (vintage) home team

Phoenix of East Nashville
The more cynical among us may drop a "pssh, hipsters" at the existence of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base ball -- aimed at "promot(ing) living history by bringing the 19th century to life through base ball events that use the rules, equipment, costumes and culture of the 1860s."
Take a quick look at the Association's website, however, and you'll see that it's ages-spanning, positively (rather than navel-gazingly) focused and refreshingly un-self-serious. Players -- er, ballists -- are meant to have a "respect for the game, a love of history, and a gentlemanly attitude." Which all sounds like a fine thing. And then, the FAQ:
By scheduling our games weeks apart, it allows each club member to go to the 15-day disabled list after every game.
Oh, you guys. 
Our neighborhood has a TVBB club, too -- the Phoenix of East Nashville -- and the awesomely red-panted gentlemen start their first season in April. A schedule of Phoenix games and locations is up on the Association site, along with a detailed description of how base ball differs from baseball and our boys' roster. (Mark me down for an official Chris "Snookie Roy" Hoff jersey.)
First game, against the Highland Rim Distillers, is set for noon on April 13 at Bicentennial Capitol Mall.

Enjoy pop-up falafel at Mitchell

Popup Falafel Bar
Pop-up dinners are fun, Mitchell Delicatessen is fun, the idea of a "beer float" sounds fun -- all bodes well for Friday's pop-up falafel bar at Mitchell.
From 8 to 11, traditional and "Southern" falafel (with black eyed peas and Benton's bacon) will be served at Mitchell, with a choice of 30-plus toppings, plus craft beer and soda and the aforementioned beer floats (which, as you can see in the flyer, are purportedly "nuts"). For $7, definitely sounds like an A-OK night out.
Hit up Mitchell's new, larger space at 1406 McGavock.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Five Points

Pub Crawl
If you prefer to find the mid-point between moving around and staying in one place for your St. Patrick's Day celebrating: Consider the 9th Annual East Nashville St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl, with a whole bunch of our favorite neighborhood places -- including Drifter's, Beyond the Edge, Batter'd & Fried and others -- participating with drink specials, door prizes and other fun.
The crawl starts at 7 p.m. and runs until midnight. Hang out, walk around, raise a glass to the fine people of Ireland and a fine excuse to be celebratory on a Monday.

OMG Flea returns

Those who appreciate vintage/handmade house o' love Old Made Good may remember the yard markets hosted back at the old location on McGavock. Although the OMG-ers shuffled down the way, they're apparently bringing back that wonderful tradition, and they're looking for local makers to contribute.
OMG's Ashley Sheehan reached out on the social medias looking for folks who have "amazing vintage items" or "handcrafted awesomeness" to sell. If you'd like to take part in the third OMG flea market in May, holler at ashley(at)oldmadegood(dot)com and drop some details about your vintage/handcrafted awesomeness.
We'll update with specific flea details when we know 'em.

Fat Bottom hosts Beer Fest after party

April 5's East Nashville Beer Fest sold out again, but if you weren't able to snag a ticket, you can still celebrate beer on the East Side that day. 
East Nashville's Fat Bottom Brewing Co. hosts a beer fest after party (which, oddly enough, runs both during and after the fest, from 2 to 10 p.m.), and they'll have live music and DJ sets, beer and food and no cover.
On stage: Ranch Ghost, Blank Range, Turf War and Kin Ship. Music starts at 4 p.m., and Fat Bottom's at 900 Main St.

Get your renovation questions answered

We just dropped a new issue with a cover story that focuses on a highly passionate, hotly debated subject in East Nashville of late: development and growth. Homes -- owning them and buying them and selling them -- are definitely on the collective mind around here of late.
While we're on that subject, figured we'd share something for those of us who are thinking about holding on to and improving our homes. Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Plans has a webinar coming up focused on answering questions about remodeling -- where to start, what to expect from bidding and hiring, what is and isn't a smart investment and the like.
The "Thinking About Remodeling" webinar is set for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 24, and you can take part by registering at Taylor's site and firing up your computer come webinar time.
Taylor's a well-known name in the Nashville home design and renovation world, so you can expect some valuable tips. Learn more at the Taylor Made Plans website
That's it for this week. As always, if you have East Nashville news to share, we'd love to hear it

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