East Nashville News: Boone and Sons, Neighborhood meetings, lots more

Boone and Sons
Another week, another crop of openings -- along with some neighborhood info, televised neighbors and more.
On to the latest bit of East Nashville News:


Well Hello, Boone and Sons

Like many of you, we've been anxiously awaiting the doors-opening at Boone and Sons, the new fresh foods market over at 1201 Porter. So -- like many of you, we expect -- news that they'd somewhat quietly opened up this week excited us greatly.
"We're stocking shelves right now and getting our inventory together. We're still not completely full, but we've got lots of stuff!" the Boone folks shared via Facebook. "We'll be in full swing by the weekend." 
Among the prepared offerings they've already been sharing: rabbit stew, roasted pork chops, roasted button mushrooms with thyme and brown butter, arugula salad with orange vinaigrette and lots more. 
Check out B&S's prepared and uncooked food 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week. More at the Boone and Sons Facebook page.

Well Hello, Music City Indoor Karting

Heads up, all you heavyfoots who like to Bieber around Inglewood's residential streets: You now officially have a much more appropriate place to satiate that need for speed.
Music City Indoor Karting opened its doors at 400 Davidson St. (toward downtown, by the river) on January 17, giving Nashvillians the opportunity to zip around a quarter-mile track on electric karts that top out at around 40 mph. Check out more detail at the Music City Indoor Karting website.

Well Hello, East Nashville Beer Festival

Mark the ol' G-cal: This year's East Nashville Beer Festival, presented by our friends at Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co., is set for April 5 in East Park. Tickets go on sale February 28 at 9 a.m. on EastNashvilleBeerFest.com. There will be beer. Those in attendance will feel festive about it. Welcome back, ENBF!

Sweet Breakfast Treats at Pied Piper

Did you know that Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is a thing? According to the Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Facebook page, creative mom Florence Rappaport invented it back in 1966, to entertain her snowed-in Rochester, N.Y., children. A woman with vision.
No slouches on the creativity side, East Nashville's own Pied Piper Creamery are keeping the tradition alive, hosting an Ice Cream for Breakfast Pajama Party on Feb. 1 at 8 a.m., featuring breakfast-y flavors (Cereal Killer, Ain't Jomamas, OJ sorbet) in waffle sundaes, along with other offerings. Pack up the kids and roll by 114 S. 11th -- if you're outta college, this is probably the only time you'll feel good about rolling into public in your PJs. Here's the Facebook event page

Learn About East C.A.N.

If you're new to town or not super familiar with the wonderful work East C.A.N. does to help animals in our community, here's a great way to meet folks and learn more: the What IS East C.A.N. gathering at East Park Community Center on January 26.
East C.A.N. reps will share what they do and what you can do to help, and you'll meet and mingle with neighbors all the while. 
Bonuses: Attendees will be entered into drawings for gift certificates to a bunch of fine local businesses, including Yeast Nashville and Dandelion Salon. More on the Facebook event page

More East Nashville Neighbors on TV

Did you catch Pomodoro East chef Casandra Walters on NewsChannel 5's Talk of the Town this week? She shared the secret to perfect pan-roasted salmon with pesto risotto and beet butter, and did so like a serious TV pro. (Heads up, Food Network.)
Watch her cook and chat below, and eye the text recipe on the NewsChannel 5 site.
NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather
Walters wasn't the only East Nashvillian making nice with the small screen over the past week. East Sider Charlie Worsham made his debut on the well-loved FOX show Bones last Friday, playing -- perhaps due to some typecasting -- a country singer. 

Heard anything about a free house lately?

News got out late last week that the late-1800s Queen Anne-style home at 1818 Eastland Ave. was up for grabs, in a sense, and the local media went positively nanners. (In case you were off spelunking: House is free, if you move it.) 
Admittedly, it is a big change on a busy East Side street and the historic implications bring out passions on all sides. (Interesting historical sidenote: The house might've been a school?) Plus, well, "Free East Nashville house!" kinda smells like a sexy headline.
Latest is that Metro Historical Commission received "many inquiries," and are sifting through to make a list of qualified takers. The aim is for the home to be moved by the end of February. Keep up with Historic Nashville, Inc. on Facebook if you'd like to be apprised of the movements.

Get More Informed About East Side Changes

There's a lot going on around here on the changes side (see above), and thusly we're in the middle of a… let's call it a lively debate.
Two informational sessions are coming up that'll allow you to learn more about current guidelines and proposed changes and other practical neighborhood-y topics.
The Eastwood Neighbors neighborhood association is surveying residents about a Conservation Zoning Overlay expansion proposal, which could address the misgivings some folks have about neighborhood homes being razed in favor of large duplexes and the like.
If you'd like more information on the survey and/or the proposal, there's an info session scheduled for Monday, Jan. 27 at 6:30 p.m., at Eastwood Christian Church, 1601 Eastland Ave. More info at the Eastwood Neighbors website
In recent years, lots of passionate con and pro feelings about the Metro Development and Housing Agency's Five Points redevelopment district -- and its accompanying design and use guidelines -- have been shared publicly and privately. On Monday, Jan. 27, the MDHA hosts a meeting to discuss it with the community.
That meeting is set for the East Park Community Center, 600 Woodland, at 5 p.m. More about Redevelopment Districts at the MDHA site

Get Creative With Olive & Sinclair

Just a fun little Valentine's Day project, via Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.: Their packaging is nice enough that it can be hard to toss it in the trash. Got a creative idea on how to repurpose it? Craft 'em up, take a photo, post it on Facebook and tag O&S. You might win some Olive & Sinclair pint glasses and some chocolate.


That's all for this go-'round. More soon. Have East Nashville news to share? Say hello.

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