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Little Harpeth Brewing
This week: checking out some new brews, looking at some upcoming events and more. (And if you live/work in East Nashville and have something you'd like us to know about, we'd love to hear about it.) 
On to it:

Little Harpeth Brewing gets around

You might've heard about Little Harpeth Brewing, a newer addition to the Nashville craft beer movement. If you hadn't yet, well, they're a newer addition to the Nashville craft beer movement, and they're brewing German-style lagers on our side of the river, over on Oldham Street.
Little Harpeth beers on offer so far include an American pilsner dubbed Chicken Scratch, a Stax black lager, high-gravity doppelbock dubbed Double Paddle and several others. Take a gander at the Little Harpeth Brewing website to get a sense of the brews. 
They've been working on the Oldham brew house for some months, and started brewing for public consumption in February, with the first tastes popping up around town now. They've hollered about tapped Little Harpeth taps at Craft Brewed, {PUB}licity and some other spaces, but we're expecting to hear about more places to sample later this week. 
Follow Little Harpeth on Facebook (home of the above photo) and Twitter for the latest about the new East Nashville brews.  
Congrats, Little Harpeth! Looking forward to raising a glass in your honor.

Todd Snider's book is on its way

Anyone who's ever seen a Todd Snider show knows the man can spin a yarn and elicit a good belly laugh. Part of the fun of seeing Todd live, really, is that it tends to be nearly as much a comedy as a music show.
So it's with no small amount of enthusiasm that we await the April 29 release of Todd's I Never Met a Story I Didn't Like: Mostly True Tall Tales book, via Da Capo Press. It contains, according to Amazon, the singer-songwriter/rambler/East Nashville ambassador's "hilarious stories gathered in print for the first time." (You gonna carry it, East Side Story? Seems like the right place to buy such a tome.)  
He'll be taking the book on tour, too (though we haven't seen a local stop yet).
On a related note, if you've been dying to own an Elmo Buzz and the Eastside Bulldogs T-shirt, you have a short window to get in on it -- there's a Teespring campaign going, with Ts running from $16 to $17.50.

It's Tomato talent time

This year's Tomato Art Fest is still a hunk of time away -- it's set for August 8 and 9 -- but planning and scheduling is, of course, under way.
Musical folks looking to get on the fest roster, heads up: The Tomato folks are now accepting entertainment applications for the three stages of live music.
Drop by the Tomato Art Fest website to throw your name in the mix; make sure to do so by the deadline of June 1.

Celebrate with Cumberland Transit and Climb Nashville

Climb Nashville T-shirt
While the East Nashville outposts of Climb Nashville and Cumberland Transit  have been open for business a good little while now (having opened in Walden's Phase 2 late last year and in January, respectively), they waited for the spring weather to start rolling in to host a proper Grand Opening celebration.
Said celebration is set for 11 to 6 Saturday, March 22 at 1900 Eastland, and there'll be food, drinks, music, deals, giveaways and related brands o' good times. Plus, the first 50 of you to pop by Climb Nashville get one of the sweet T-shirts pictured above. (Might wanna go early if you're hoping to be among the 50.)

That Music Thing cometh

The folks at 12th & Broad are working to create unique events in unique spaces around town, and their next event -- That Music Thing in East Nashville -- is, as you'd guess, on our side of town, and is set to include some music. 
Performers haven't been announced yet, but our friends at Apple Road (you know 'em from East Nashville Underground among many other efforts) are involved, so hopes are high. As for the setting: It's "at a warehouse that's undergone an incredible makeover by Kate Kills It," otherwise known as Kate Mills of Old Made Good.
Tickets are free for 12&B members; $25 for regular folk. Grab more info about That Music Thing at its Facebook event page

Speak your mind about Eastwood's overlay expansion

A while back, we mentioned Eastwood Neighbors' efforts toward a Conservation Zoning Overlay expansion. Progress toward that end has been made, and a series of public hearings start this month as the expansion is considered.
The first hearing is 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 19 at the Sonny West Conference Center in the Howard Office Building at 700 Second Avenue South. Others follow in the coming weeks. Head over to the Eastwood Neighbors website for more info and details on the hearings.

Deli House coming to Boone & Sons

Deli House
Sycamore Nashville, which hosts pop-up food events around town, is launching a regular pop-up over at Boone & Sons called Deli House, starting this Friday, March 21.
The Deli House concept is a "Chicago-style Italian deli," so you'll be able to snag sandwiches with fresh bread and house-made meats and the like.
Expect a Deli House stop Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1201 Porter Rd., and keep an eye out for the addition of Saturday hours down the line.

Behold the coolness of Inglewood

The Guardian just ran a nice piece about Riverside Village's Fond Object and the coolness of Inglewood, with a heavy heaping of praise on local band The Ettes (also the folk behind Fond Object). 
The pub's also-new "Top 10 things to do in East Nashville" won't tip you to anything new, but… it is, yet again, a fine capsule of good stuff in our midst. So, there ya go.

Big Weenie hut love

Speaking of printed (or ones-and-zeroes) praise: I Dream of Weenie just got a fun bit of it. 
According to Southern/Americana-slanted and curated shop and blog Bourbon and Boots, the Weenie hut has the very best food truck name in the South
"It’s clever, perfectly communicates the food item, is a bit risqué and pays homage to a wonderful television show," says the roundup.  

Shout out for the pro pet groomers

Our friends at Cloud 9 Mobile Grooming -- who care for many an East Side pet -- are on the hunt for an East Nashville pet groomer, and they asked us to give a shout about the job. Here is that shout.
It's a full-time contract position (four days a week, including Saturdays) and they're looking for someone with at least a year of experience and the necessary abilities to do this kinda thing (non-restricted driver's license, ability to lift potentially heavy pups, etc.). 
Drop a line to Cloud9MobileGrooming(at)comcast(dot)net for more info or to submit your grooming resume and references. For more on the business, visit the Cloud 9 Mobile Grooming website
That's it for this week. As always, got news? Love to hear it. 

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