East Nashville News: East Side Social and Shelby Park Picture Show updates, Atomic Nashville bookstore, more

The Dead Deads
This week’s East Nashville News includes some fun Shelby Park Picture Show and East Side Social news, a new bookstore, a Silly Goose update, local nerds on Shark Tank and more.
On to it:

The Dead Deads liven up East Side Social after party

Something to add to your weekend plans: East Side Social is, of course, coming up on Saturday, October 3, in East Park, with performances from The Features, The Protomen, Alanna Royale and a host of others. The fest runs all day, from 1 to 9:30 p.m. But once the Social wraps, your celebration doesn’t need to.
The Family Wash will be hosting an East Side Social afterparty Saturday night, sponsored by BMI, Blackstone Brewery, and The East Nashvillian.
Set to take the stage: East Nashville’s The Dead Deads, who blend metal riffs with pop hooks and doo-wop harmonies, and who’ll be coming home to the East Side fresh from the high seas, having just played Motörhead's Motörboat cruise (with little names like Slayer, Hatebreed, Anthrax and the cruise’s namesake).
Party starts at 9:30, the new Wash is located at 626A Main Street, and admission is free.
For more on East Side Social — including tickets — head to theeastside.social.

Shelby Park Picture Show gets a little more happy

Now that we’re a little ways in to the first Shelby Park Picture Show season, moviegoer preferences and movies-in-the-park logistics are becoming a little more clear. So with next week’s movie — Ghostbusters, in a neighborhood where somethin’s always strange — there’ll be a few changes.
First, we have an earlier start time: Gates will open at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7, with the film starting up at 7. Feedback’s been that it’d be easier to get to the show with the time nudged back a little, so, there it goes.
Along with that earlier start time, there’s the addition of a Shelby Park Picture Show happy hour from 5:30 to 6:15 (technically a happy 45 minutes, but nevertheless). For the early folk, there’ll be $4 beers and $1 off concessions, so you can load up and prep for the film.
Ghostbusters (and October 21’s rescheduled showing of Toy Story) screens in the Old Timers Ball Park at Shelby Park, and there’s a $5 suggested donation for admission
Any more info you might need: The official Shelby Park Picture Show website
Hope to see you (and Zuul, not so much Dana) on Wednesday.

Atomic Nashville bookstore coming to Inglewood

Around Tomato Art Fest time, 37206 got a new bookstore in Defunct Books, at 118 South 11th Street. Inglewood’s soon getting in on the new-bookstore game, too, as Atomic Nashville gets ready to open its doors at 1603 Riverside Drive (in the former Friendly Arctic Printing space). 
The new shop won’t just be shuffling pages, though — Atomic promises to carry books, art and music, all “with a decidedly local slant.”
Owners shared a quick video snippet of the completed build-out a few weeks back — give it a look below:

The buildout is COMPLETE!!! Fixtures & Stock coming soon.

Posted by Atomic Nashville on Friday, September 18, 2015
We'll have more from the owners in the weeks to come, as opening plans materialize. Meantime, keep up up with Atomic Nashville on Facebook.

Silly Goose’s Roderick Bailey shares an update 

As we mentioned last week, much-loved neighborhood eatery The Silly Goose abruptly closed after more than six years, with very little in the way of specifics about the closure following.
This week, though, chef and leader Roderick Bailey reached out to friends and restaurant fans on social media with a message of thanks.
August 23rd, 2008: I came to Nashville--totally broken, scared, faithless, and hopeless.
October 13th, 2009: I opened The Silly Goose with no money, no reputation, a George Foreman Grill, a bandana, and several sharpies. I had found hope in the previous year, faith in something to hold onto, and a chance at a new life. Truly a miracle.
The last six years have been beyond anything I could have possibly fathomed. 
To all the people I have worked with- THANK YOU. You have been my family, my support, the best friends I've ever had. I'm so grateful for you all. I love you and I am so proud of you.
You have all been part of true magic--way beyond the sum of our individual selfs. You helped me create a place where love and kindness came first and because of that, we made some fantastic food together.
To all of you who came to eat with us over the last six years--thank you. I hope you felt the love in our food, our music, and the way we treated you.
Life is messy and so is the restaurant business. The Silly Goose took everything I had every day. It was hard, rewarding, beautiful in all its imperfections. 
I have no idea what the universe has planned for me next. I have faith and hope and I am filled with gratitude for what the Silly Goose and the last six years have been. 
We’ll share news about what’s taking over the restaurant’s former space at 1888 Eastland as soon as we have it.

Nerdwax enters the ‘Shark Tank’


We're sooo excited!!!!!Team Nerdwax will be on SHARK TANK!!!!!!Next Fri Oct 9th!!Watch it!

Posted by Nerdwax on Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Around this time last year, we nodded toward neighbor Don Hejny’s locally made Nerdwax, a product that looks a bit like ChapStick, but works to keep your glasses affixed to your nose. 
This week, those folks have some fun news to share — video above.
If you're not in a position to listen to said message, spoiler alert: They’re set to appear on the October 9 episode of ABC reality show Shark Tank, which airs Fridays at 8 p.m. Central. 
Not familiar with the show? Basic idea: Self-made multi-millionaire and billionaire investor tycoons either dash the hopes and dreams of or help to bankroll up-and-coming entrepreneurs, like our Nerdwaxers. 
Will they get an infusion of cash or a big bummer? Tune in and see.
For more on our glasses wax-making neighbors, visit the Nerdwax website

Kleenex ad spotlights Lockeland Design Center custodian

Get the Kleenex, because of Kleenex. 
The ad above — part of a new campaign from the tissue titans — was filmed here in the neighborhood at Lockeland Design Center, and it features staff and students heaping hugs on their beloved custodian, Mr. Patton.
Patton apparently thought the cameras were filming a documentary about the school, before the floodgates of appreciation for his hard work and friendship opened up. It’s pretty dang adorable, and definitely brings on a few happy sniffles. Give it a watch. (Hat tip: WSMV.)

East Sider Emma Alford issues poetry book

East Nashville writer (and regular East Nashvillian contributor) Emma Alford is getting ready to release her debut poetry chapbook, Stamped, via Finishing Line Press on January 15.
The book collects a series of poems Alford wrote to her late best friend, Cassidy, who died in a car accident at age 20. From Alford’s website:
“Several poems are responses to postcards, capturing the nostalgia associated with a friendship cut short too early. This short collection pulls readers into the relationship between these two young girls.”
Stamped, stocked with artwork by The Weeks frontman Cyle Barnes, is up for pre-orders now via the publisher

Grab early Halloween vibes at Hong Meow’s October Extravaganza

Most of our opportunities to get Halloween-y in the neighborhood will come later this month (we’ll share more soon), but local collective Hong Meow is bringing the vibes nice and early with their October Extravaganza on Friday (October 2).
On the Extravaganza schedule: spooky movies, a costume contest, performances from Divination Burlesque, a photo booth, body painting, music and art and photography on display from a crew of talented folks, plus a clothing swap upstairs. The true definition of extravaganza.
The event kicks off at 8 p.m. Friday at The East Room (2412 Gallatin), and admission’s $5. For more, visit the October Extravaganza Facebook event page

Dylan lovers and dog lovers unite at Basement East

Big fan of dogs? Big fan of Bob Dylan? Big fan of live music? Big fan of The Basement East? We might have the best news you’ve heard all week.
On Friday, October 16, the BEAST hosts Dylan to the Dogs: An East C.A.N. Benefit, featuring lots of awesome Nashville folks playing Dylan songs, all in support of the fine work East C.A.N. does for dogs in our community.
Among the folks performing: Bobby Bare, Jr., Tommy Womack, Hans Condor, Altered Statesman, Erin Rae and many more. You’ll get their takes on Dylan and the joy of supporting dog rescue for an $8 suggested donation (though you’re always welcome and encouraged to give more).
For more details on Dylan to the Dogs, drop by the show’s Facebook event page.


- Rosebank Neighbors shared a site plan for the proposed Carter-Preston Condominiums (at 2329 Carter), and hey, they’re neither tall nor skinny! 
- Thrillist thrillisted up “50 things to eat in Nashville before you die,” and among those things: ramen at Two Ten Jack, hot chicken at Pepperfire, a BLT bagel at Bagel Face, tacos at Mas Tacos, garlic knots at Five Points Pizza… and on and on. There’s a lotta East Nashville. Most of us are probably well on our way to being ready to die. Check it out.
- New York magazine recently encouraged its readers to “nosh (their) way through Nashville,” specifically at Marché Artisan Foods (among other spaces). “Even the toast alone is a showstopper, topped with hand-ladled ricotta and Peach Truck peaches with honey (depending on the season),” the piece reads. Thumbs up, Marche.
- Peep this interview with East Sider and My Veggie Chef owner Kristie Rigdon Holdren on LinkedIn (don’t worry, reading it won’t invite you to connect with anyone/thing).
- Baxter Bailey & Company dropped a little update about their move to the new Fatherland Corner at South 10th and Fatherland, right near their current Fatherland District location. Looking like an early November move-in. Set your G-Cal, pup parents.
- Homeroom 615 — the newish learning hub located in Old Made Good — announced some new October classes, including “how to use your sewing machine” (October 17) and “how to needlepoint like a boss” (October 11). Tickets are on sale now.
That’s it for this week. If you have East Nashville News to share, pretty please, email Nicole.

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