East Nashville News: a Whole Lotta Food

Two Ten Jack, from twotenjack.com
This week, lots of new/upcoming food businesses and food classes, plus a few things you can't eat.
On to the latest East Nashville News:

Two Ten Jack: Open For Business

East Nashville's first Izakaya and ramen house, Two Ten Jack (image above, from twotenjack.com), opened its doors at 1900 Eastland, Suite 105, this month, serving up ramen (naturally), sushi, yakitori and some of those Japanese whiskeys that are getting a lotta love of late. 
The food's been getting plenty of Internet praises, and on the spirits side, fans of the fine libations at Inglewood's Watanabe might be glad to know that Jon Yeager, once a Watanabian, is Two Ten Jack's beverage director. 
More info at the Two Ten Jack Facebook page

Lotsa East Side Food Learning, Coming Up

While we're on the subject of food: Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.'s new, larger space -- which houses their magical chocolate factory and retail store -- is open at 1628 Fatherland St. And if you haven't yet had a good excuse to swing by, here's one: East Side-bred The Skillery hosts a month of food-focused classes in February, including a Bean to Bar Beer Pairing class with O&S founder Scott Witherow.
That class includes a tour, lots of info and a whole bunch of tasting. As of this posting, there was one lonely ticket left, so good chance it's sold out -- but there is a waitlist, and it's not the only East Side food class coming from The Skillery. 
Former head Holland House bartender Jeremiah Blake hosts Bourbon: America's Whiskey -- part class/part tasting -- at Old Made Good on Feb. 18. 
Hey Rooster General Store's Courtney Webb will help budding food entrepreneurs brand their business during a Feb. 19 class at her East Side space (1106 Gallatin). 
Domestic skills educator Rowena Aldridge hosts several classes in her 37216 studio: Handmade Mozzarella on Feb. 11, Introduction to Canning on Feb. 22 and Handmade Pasta on Feb. 25.
And Inglewood's Sawtooth Printhouse is also hosting a food imagery-related letterpress class, though that's already sold out.
(Full disclosure: I also scribble words for The Skillery some.)

A Spark On The East Side 

Eater Nashville hipped us to the news that "plant-based restaurant" SPARK -- with a menu of raw and "gently cooked" fresh local foods -- was eyeing May for an opening date.
Fans of vegan, gluten- and sugar- and processing-free foods: Drop a pin at 1100 Fatherland, and wait hungrily for spring.

Bella Brings A Bakery

More fun Fatherland food news: The folks behind Bella Nashville are getting ready to open an artisan bakery at 1010 Fatherland. (Hat tip goes to the ever in-the-know Dana Kopp Franklin on this one.) On the menu, those folks say, will be "breads, sandwiches, coffee, friends." Or maybe the friends won't be on the menu -- we're extrapolating there.
No word on an opening date yet, but follow them on the tweeter (@bellaNbakery) or Facebook to keep up with the latest. 

Family Medicine on Woodland

A new spot for family medicine needs is set to open up in February: East Nashville Family Medicine, at 801 Woodland. Their website has a list of services and such, and an official opening date, we hear, is forthcoming (around mid-month).

More Condos For Main St.

If you love to hear about new East Side condominium projects, we have some great news. (If you hate condo news… here's a photo of a slow loris eatin' a 'nana.)
The Nashville Business Journal offered a heads up about 38 condo units and retail/office space coming to 949 Main St., joining Fifth & Main in the Main St. condo realm around those parts. Won't see construction start until the latter part of the year, BizJo says. 

Hooray for J (&HP)!

If you haven't checked out the impeccable clothing offerings over at East Nashville's J&HP (717 Porter), here's a fine thumbs-up: They were among the whos being worn at this year's Grammy hoo-ha. Specifically, Kacey Musgraves and band had some custom J&HP designs on, we learned when J&HP shared this video snippet: 

Learn About Sustainability With Urban Green Lab

The East Nashville-bred Urban Green Lab is launching a three-part educational series focused on sustainable energy, starting Feb. 9 with a presentation at Jackalope Brewing Company (701 8th Ave. S).
Vanderbilt law professor, director of Vanderbilt’s Climate Change Research Network and former EPA chief of staff Mike Vandenbergh shares a presentation -- "Buying Time: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change" -- from 5 to 6 p.m., and attendance is free. 
That's it for this week. If you have East Nashville news to share, we'd love to hear it.

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