Defunct Books coming to 5 Points

Bookstores are time machines, spaceships, secret-keepers, dragon-slayers, fact-finders, and safe places. The fragrance of aged paper is a treasure of this world. It is this treasure that urged Greg Delzer to purchase Defunct Books in 2003.  At the time the bookstore was located in Spokane, Wash. under the name Inland Bookstore. “As an English major I always had the dream of owning a bookstore. When I first stumbled upon the store it was located in a building that at one time housed a meat-packing plant. It wasn’t even for sale. It all happened as kind of a fluke.”

After purchasing the store in 2003, Delzer moved Defunct Books to Iowa City, Iowa in 2007. “With the lineage from Inland a lot of our inventory is over 60 years old. We offer readers everything from dollar books up to collection pieces priced at five figures.” While pleased with the development and integrity of the bookstore, Delzer confessed there was something missing. “I’d like to get back to the roots of Defunct Books and create the kind of store I always wanted.” Spellbound by the panache and expansion of Nashville, Delzer has decided 5 Points is just the place to shape that dream, admitting he's "always wanted to live in Nashville and now seems like the perfect time.”

Defunct Books not only offers an expansive medley of literature but is also embellished with amusing décor such as “Alligator heads and growing collection of creepy dolls.” Defunct Books hopes to open its doors to East Nashville patrons in August in conjunction with the Tomato Art Festival.

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Bill on June 19, 2015 said:
Where at 5 Points?


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