Celebrate fall and help neighbors at East Nashville Harvest Heyday

East Nashville Harvest Heyday


You've likely noticed that stuff's been ramping up over at the Shoppes on Fatherland of late. Seasonal stuff. Celebratory stuff. Fun stuff. Stuff meant to engage, entertain and aid the East Nashville community.

That's largely the work of Todd Reynolds and Travis Brown, co-founders of East Nashville Events, the crew behind the family-friendly and cutely spooky Halloween event BooFest and the upcoming East Nashville Harvest Heyday, held Saturday, Nov. 23 at the Shoppes on Fatherland, both to celebrate autumn and raise funds for the East Nashville Cooperative Ministry.

At the free Heyday, attendees will enjoy a craft and artist marketplace, music and a cast of food trucks, and those who choose to take part in the silent auction/fundraiser and food drive components will pitch in toward ENCM's efforts to aid and feed neighbors in need. Donations come with a bonus, too: Those who share at least $10 (the cost of four meals) will snag a Shoppes on Fatherland Meals for Deals card, which can be used for discounts at participating shoppes during the Heyday.

Sparking up parties at the Shoppes makes a lot of sense for Reynolds and Brown, who make up part of that multi-faceted business hub with luxury pet-products shop Baxter Bailey & Company and food and home goods stop ABODE. The charitable component makes East Nashville Events that much more of a welcome addition to the neighborhood -- and that much more quintessentially East Nashville.

Ahead of Nov. 23's Harvest Heyday, we checked in with Reynolds and Brown to get a little more detail about the event, and what we can expect from East Nashville Events going forward.

The East Nashvillian: Did a desire to aid the East Nashville Cooperative Ministry inspire the Harvest Heyday, or did you develop the event, and then decide to aim it at helping neighbors?

East Nashville Events: "We set out to create a series of free family-friendly events and planned to have some focus on investing in our community. Harvest Heyday was developed and planned with a date around Thanksgiving and late fall -- Thanksgiving is always a good time to look around and see how blessed we truly are and take that opportunity to give back to those who need a helping hand. With that thought in mind, a food drive was our first thought and we wanted it to be of benefit to our local community.

"We had heard so many great things about East Nashville Cooperative Ministry and took this opportunity to learn more. In partnering with them we found not only the need for food items, but more importantly the need for funding for everyday expenses -- light bills, facility costs, etc. This reshaped our initial idea into including a fundraising effort for ENCM. We hope the silent auction and Meals for Deals Savings Pass will raise funds to make a difference for them."

Can you tell us a little more about the Craft & Artist marketplace? Any specific crafters or artists you can share?

"We love to showcase local crafters and artists and feel that they bring unique talents just waiting to be shared with our community. We'll have everything from carved wood products by local East Nashville artist James Vavra (Artistry in Wood) to vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses from East Nashville business Specs Optical, clothing from Starfish Clothing and handmade jewelry by Audrey Auld Jewelry."

Shop owners at the Shoppes on Fatherland are playing a big role in this event too, offering discounts to shoppers who donate. How was the reaction overall when you shared the concept for this event with the Shoppes folks?

"As fellow shoppe owners, we appreciate the support and help of our Shoppes On Fatherland family. We have really pulled together to accomplish amazing things by using our various talents.

"For Harvest Heyday, we are so thankful for their participation -- especially around the Meals for Deals Savings Pass. We hope this will raise much-needed funds for ENCM and provide our customers with a big 'Thank you' for coming out and supporting our efforts."

First BooFest, then the Harvest Heyday and the upcoming Winter Wonder Fatherland -- seems like East Nashville Events is working into being a regular neighborhood fixture. What can we expect for the future?

"Our vision is to find creative ways to bring families from all over Nashville out to the shoppes for a day they can enjoy. We would love to see The Craft & Artist Marketplace become 'the place' for entrepreneurs to showcase their talent to potential customers. Stay tuned…"


East Nashville Harvest Heyday
When: Saturday, Nov. 23, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: The Shoppes on Fatherland, 1006 Fatherland St.
Admission: Free
More info: East Nashville Events

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