Casual eatery The Mainstay taking over former The Vine space in East Nashville

A potential neighborhood staple is planned for 501 Main Street in East Nashville, where two local restaurateurs are working on a new venture to be called The Mainstay.
East Side residents Manny Hatz (above, right) and Josiah Johnson (above, left) have joined forces for the new restaurant. Hatz recently sold five Jet’s Pizza locations, while Johnson ended his 14-year stint at Rosepepper Cantina. They have hired chef Billie Falon to prepare a menu described as “elevated bar food with a farm-to-table concept” at a price point of about $10 to $20.
“We wanted it to be a mainstay where people in East Nashville felt like they could come in, grab a burger on a Tuesday night, watch the game,” says Anna-Vija McClain of Piccolo Marketing, which is handling the restaurant’s branding. “It’s not supposed to be a finer dining or special occasion-type of restaurant. It’s supposed to be more of an everyday-use type of restaurant.”
The Mainstay will take over the space in the 5th and Main building formerly occupied by The Vine, which closed last May due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to a post on restaurant’s Facebook page. The space is currently undergoing renovations, and the owners expect to launch in March.
Once The Mainstay is open for business, they hope to attract customers from both sides of the river. “Manny and Josiah both have a strong sense of attachment to the East Nashville community, and they very much want to grow that,” McClain says. “They’re trying to show that this is a great area to be. It’s not only convenient to East Nashville, but also to the downtown residents and people who are working right there across the river.”

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John Owen on January 16, 2017 said:
I really hope they make it. This space seems cursed after the tragic death of the Germantown East owner. The 2 restaurants that followed in that space closed after a short while, although they both had good food and service. I'll support it!

Billy on January 16, 2017 said:
I'm hoping it's family friendly. I see hipsters are starting to have kids too.

Gregory Fisher on January 17, 2017 said:
Really looking forward to what these two seasoned professionals are putting together! I live in the building, and it will be nice to have exactly the kind of eatery they are describing right down the hall. Best of luck for them AND for all of us. Much needed and just the right time!

The Real John Owen on January 19, 2017 said:
So many John Owens out there... I worked for Josiah for a while at Rosepepper and if anyone can run a successful watering hole, it's this guy! I wish them all the Luck in the World!!


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