An Experiment In Freedom At Red Arrow Gallery

It’s surprising how much work it takes for something to appear effortless. Nonchalance, disregard, even complete freedom are all often the products of untold effort.

Young Professionals, the latest exhibition by local artist Daniel Holland at Red Arrow Gallery, is a lesson in how vigorous endeavor can result in free expression.

Although the title of the show, which runs through February 5, appears to emphasize the effort over the effect, it isn’t meant as a descriptor.

“I like the titles of my exhibitions to be a little gross, or off-putting. Just enough to be intriguing and filthy,” Holland says. “This series is all about playfulness and experimentation.”

It makes sense that Holland wants to draw viewers in without being too specific. The exhibition is the product of an exploratory year during which Holland tried new paints, techniques, textures, and weathering. The results are a mixed media mélange, abstract, colorful, and alive.

“I would like viewers to be engaged by my work,” Holland explains. “I mean for it to be suggestive in theme and aesthetic, but more importantly I hope it acts as a catalyst for the viewer’s own imagination.”

It would be difficult to walk through the gallery and keep an imagination from activating. The bright canvases, swirls of color, and wholly new forms instantly ignite outside of the box thinking. This being Holland’s third annual solo show at Red Arrow Gallery, he has built a bit of a local fanbase for his unique style.

“The reception has been wonderful,” says gallery partner Katie Shaw. “Many people respond to Daniel’s work and his person.”

The show has doubtlessly gotten visitors to feel something, even if they’re not sure exactly what.

“I hope the work triggers a sense of desire, nostalgia, curiosity, inspiration,” says Holland. “But there is never a direct message. Only feeling and ideas.”

While difficult to define, the fantastic shapes and movements do not appear as if out of nowhere. Artist and experimentation are evident in each piece.

“The process of creating the work is where I find fulfillment,” Holland says.

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