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    Growing up in a town that was mass-developed in the '70s, I don't often take the uniqueness and diversity of architecture in our neighborhood for granted. There were four different houses in my childhood neighborhood. Hundreds of homes; four different houses.

    It doesn't take a cookie-cutter-homes upbringing to have a good time ogling Lockeland Springs houses during neighborhood home tours, though. And this past weekend, we shuffled out into the cold and damp to visit some neighbors and ooh and ahh during the 35rd Annual Celebration of Home Tour, wrangled by the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association and Andy Allen of the Village Real Estate Group.

    This regular ramble scratches a few itches. If you're a history buff, it's a chance to take a peek into the past, eyeing original details in historic neighborhood homes (like the Spain-Booker-Porter house on Stratton, built in 1899). HGTV fiends who love to see rehab success stories get an eyeful too -- the Woodland garage-turned-apartment at Henry and Jennie Williams' home, with reclaimed shop tables in the kitchen and a lofted bedroom via spiral staircase, melds modern cool and historic charm, much in the way East Nashville does.

    Then, of course, there's the neighborliness. These home tours are a great excuse to meet some cool East Nashvillians with cool homes (and cool dogs), while mingling with other neighbors in handsome disposable shoe covers.

    If you missed this go-around: We snapped a few quick photos on dreary Sunday, above; and we have tons of info in our November-December 2013 issue, which also served as the official tour publication.

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